Theological Journal Library

Timeline: Annually (Sept 11, 2023 Deadline) 

10% discount available for access to a library of 39 full-text conservative, evangelical theological journals.

Galaxie’s Theological Journal Library (TJL) is a collection of 39 conservative, evangelical theological journals with full-text access.

This full-text product is a great companion to use in conjunction with the Christian Periodical Index.

  • Of the 39 theological journal titles available in TJL, 31 titles are already indexed in CPI.
  • 8 TJL journals are uniquely indexed by CPI. CPI is the only place for subject-based searching for these titles!
  • CPI is also expanding its coverage of TJL titles:
    • Indexing for 9 titles have some, older volumes currently being indexed
    • Indexing for 8 titles are a priority for future CPI additions

Participation Details

  • Institutions can subscribe for $10 per student per year. $500 minimum, $1750 maximum. Current CLC members will receive a 10% discount on this rate.
  • This discount is available for existing and new subscribers. If you are a current subscriber, please contact us for next steps in transitioning your subscription under this CLC offer.
  • The deadline for participation is Monday, September 11, 2023.
  • The subscription year runs from Sept 15, 2023, to Sept 15, 2024.
  • Participating institutions will be invoiced by ACL.
  • To participate in this CLC offer, please complete the Theological Journal Library ORDER FORM.

Product questions can be directed to Hampton Keathley, TJL Owner
6302 Galaxie Road, Garland, TX, 75044 | Ph# 972-414-5322 | hampton@galaxie.com