What is it?

  • The ACL Interlibrary Loan Service is a separate listserv that facilitates document supply, library to library. It provides crucial ILL service for any library, including those that may not be members of another consortia.
  • Requests will be filled to libraries only, not directly to end users
  • Lenders are expected to provide materials without charge
  • Copyright compliance is the responsibility of the borrower; the lender should include a copyright notice with each document supplied

How does it work?

  • Requesting Items: Initiate a request by sending an email to ill@acl.org (must subscribe to listserv first)
  • Filling Requests: When you receive a request via the ACL ILL listserv that your library is able to supply, send the item directly to the requestor. Please include a copyright notice with the item. Also send an email to ill@acl.org and change the first word of the subject line to FILLED.
  • Subject Line of Your Posts: The first word should be CAPS to make it easy for others to view or delete. It does not matter what you title your request (article title, journal title, etc.), but please keep it consistent each time you email about that specific request.
    • REQUESTING: Title of item
    • FILLED: Title of item
    • REQUESTING 2ND ATTEMPT: Title of item

Who may participate?

Any library employee may participate on behalf of his/her library

How do I sign up?

  • You must subscribe to the ACL ILL listserv in order to send and receive requests.
  • Fill out this google form (specifically the Library Resources section) to request to be placed on the ILL listserv.