The Librarian’s Manual is a text for beginning librarians, especially those with little or no training. The goal of this manual is to teach a high standard of library practice, yet be useable by people who know little about libraries, worked in less than ideal situations, and may or may not have a fluent knowledge of English. It has been used in training workshops in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

The English and Spanish translations can be ordered in hard copy ($40 plus shipping) or PDF electronic format ($40). If you desire to purchase more than 10 copies, please contact the Home Office at to learn about the discounted bulk rate.

We are excited to announce that La gestion d’une bibliothèque: un guide pratique (Library Administration: A Practical Guide) is now available in both paper and electronic versions by Langham Publishing. The book is an updated version of the 2008 revised and expanded edition of The Librarian’s Manual, published by The Association of Christian Librarians, and it also takes into account the Spanish edition from 2013.