A word for librarians from The Word who is FAITHFUL and TRUE

Fully confident that God’s Word is what we need for our daily strength, librarians have offered their unique, personal insights from a verse or two of Scripture for your reflection.

Deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ as your Living Hope through this collection of short devotionals affirming God’s effective work in your personal life and in your service as a librarian. In any season of the year, enjoy them in your quiet time and share with with your library colleagues.

May these faithful words from God’s faithful Word speak to you today. Read them and be blessed!

In the summer of 2022, ACL launched the Faithful Words campaign to help us build the principal balance of the endowment fund and share the beautiful compilation of devotionals written by our members. The Faithful Words campaign launched at the 2022 conference, and a large portion of donations were received immediately. We have several copies of Faithful Words still available that we are ready to ship to you or your library! With each $25 increment of donation, you are eligible to receive a copy of the book. It is a beautiful collection of Reference Point devotionals from the last eight years and is sure to be a blessing to you or something you can give to a friend.

I want to encourage the new members of ACL to be sure to secure a copy of this book. As you are in the early stages of your library career, you will want to read from this devotional book (written by “seasoned” librarians) so that your heart will be encouraged as you face the challenges that you are going through. Even those who are “seasoned” librarians need encouragement, too, so be sure to order your copy.
Paul Roberts, Retired Librarian