The spring season is funny in New England. We tend to have long, gray, winters that are quite dreary. Then in April, we start to see little crocuses bravely pop their heads out of the ground and hear cardinals whistling for their families and sometimes we can even have the windows open during the day to air out the house—but we can’t put away the flannel sheets because snow has happened in April before! But within one week of 50-degree weather and sunshine, the daffodils, dogwoods, and songbirds erupt into full springtime mode. It’s very sudden, and doesn’t last long, but is always worth the wait.

CILA has been in a similar pattern—there have been seeds planted and germinating and now sprouting and coming to fruition. You’ll see in this update that a new CILA team has solidified their roles, an interest group has formed for international librarians and allies, and the Global Library Investment Grant continues to support work around the world. The seasonal nature of our work has never been more evident to me, and I am grateful for the prayers of the ACL members, an active group of global librarians who are eager to connect, and the support of the Home Office in managing the unique issues that arise with the variety of inquiries we receive. I hope you are encouraged as you read a summary of our global activities.

Peace and blessings to you all,
Erin McCoy
CILA Coordinator

New! International Librarians Special Interest Group

The goal of this new interest group is to try to meet every other month on Zoom, alternating times and hosts to accommodate all the time zones represented. We will discuss the issues unique to overseas libraries as well as ways to share our expertise and resources with each other. If you have a heart for international libraries or live in a country outside the US please join our group.

Koha is a fully featured, scalable open source library management system. Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, volunteers, and support companies worldwide. You can find several SQL reports wiki, Jquery wiki, HTML & CSS wiki, and XSLT Library wiki which as code you can copy to make improvements you can add to your installation.

Koha-US promotes the ongoing communication, collaboration, and education of Koha users in the United States and beyond, partnering with the global community and supporting organizations. They have monthly Special Interest Group meetings as well as several resources to help you learn more about Koha. Reach out to Lauren Denny if you have questions or visit the KohaUS Learn Page for more Koha tools:

Meet the CILA Team!

NameTeam RoleDescription
Robert Danielson, Asbury Theological SeminaryResource Promoterreaches out to new international members who receive the International Membership Scholarship and connects them with all the benefits ACL membership and CILA provides
Daniel Baek, Vancouver School of TheologyResource DeveloperPrimarily manages the CILA Libguide, which is currently under construction. If you have resources that would help our global members, please send them Daniel’s way!
Lauren Denny, Teamwork Library ConsortiumACL Member LiaisonPrimarily the author of the bi-annual CILA updates and convener of the new International Librarian’s Interest Group
Gary Flokstra, 4 the World Resource DistributorsGrant DeveloperAssists with managing grant paperwork, applications, and assessment of projects
Erin McCoy, Massasoit Community CollegeCILA CoordinatorManages CILA’s team goals, keeps the team on track with deadlines, and investigates new opportunities for overseas involvement.

There will be another volunteer opportunity with the CILA Team posted soon. Be on the lookout for information!

2023 Global Library Investment Grant Recipients

  1. Saint Andrew’s Theological Seminary – Charlotte S. Tad-awan
    Quezon City, Philippines
    Technology support: Upgrading of Library Management System to Cloud-Based
  2. Institute of Bible and Theology – Le Hoang Anh Vu and Tran Thanh Trang
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Library Training Workshop (pictured below) Note: This is the first-ever theological library training workshop in Vietnam, and it will help the development of theological education in the country immensely. Facilitated by ACL member Katherina Penner.
  3. Mortenson Center for International Library Programs (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)  – Peggy Nzomo
    Matching grant for international librarians to attend a unique professional development opportunity offered through the center.