CLC Offers


Timeline: Ongoing 

Free shipping and up to 36% off trade-discounted material

Emery-Pratt Company is offering the following discounts and services to CLC members through June 30, 2024. Each library can select the option plan which best fits its ordering needs. New customers, to take advantage of the discount, please submit the response form to Emery-Pratt.

Option 1:

  1. 36.0% Discount off trade discounted material
  2. 12.0% Discount off short discounted material(technical & reference material)
  3. 3.0% Discount off non-discounted material(except e-books)
  4. 0.0% Discount off e-books
  5. 4.0% Discount off Standing Orders
  6. FREE SHIPPING to each library

Option 2: (Based on Emery-Pratt Company being your primary book supplier)

  1. 12.5% Discount applied to all books and audio-visual materials purchased
  2. 0.0% Discount off e-books
  3. 4.0% Discount off standing orders (excluding standing orders and e-books).
  4. FREE SHIPPING to each library.

With either option, your member libraries can take advantage of the following:

No minimum quantity per order. You may order any type of material-technical, reference, trade, library bindings, paperback, audio-visual, etc.

Orders may be sent…

  • by Emery-Pratt Website
  • by fax – your call is toll-free at 800 523-6379
  • by mail
  • by EDI direct from your Acquisitions system to our ordering system