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Timeline: Annually (July 1, 2023 Deadline) 

Special 50% list price on four databases from World Trade Press!

Special 50% list price – through July 1, 2023, on four databases from World Trade Press!

  • This special 50% price can be locked in for five years and thereafter any renewal increase will cap at 3%. Current subscribers may participate – please contact Adam Weis
  • Price for those subscribing after July 1st will revert to 20% consortium discount
  • Pricing is based on FTE. Please contact Adam Weis for details and more information
  • If your institution is interested in a trial of any of these 4 databases, contact Adam Weis

For more details and to place an order, please contact:
Adam Weis, Sales Manager
aweis@worldtradepress.com  |  707-744-7401

Global Road Warrior features in-depth information on 175 countries, giving a level of insight into each country and its culture that cannot be found anywhere else. This resource is valuable for programs in many disciplines and includes categories such as Culture & Society, Women in Culture, Music, and Education.
A to Z World Business is a valuable resource for International Business, International Trade, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management programs. It gives students the foundational knowledge they need to conduct business successfully in the world’s top 100 economies. (Upcoming product upgrade will add 20 countries). Included in this resource is the 13th edition of The Dictionary of International Trade and other e-book titles covering international business ethics and culture, international marketing, international trade, and more.
A to Z Maps Online provides you with 145,000 downloadable maps that can all be used without copyright restrictions. A combination of proprietary maps and maps from other reputable sources create a “one-stop-shop” for all things maps. Key categories include world, country, and U.S. state maps, Holy Land maps, antique maps, geography quiz games, and geography lesson plans.
A to Z World Food is a food culture and traditional recipes database for 174 countries. It is an ideal resource for culinary arts programs and will educate your students about cuisine around the world, the cultural norms and traditions surrounding it, and the unique ingredients used to prepare it. Features include articles, recipes, instructional videos, and historic timelines.