Library Systems/Software


Timeline: Ongoing 

A consortial discount of 15% is available for new subscriptions to LibGuides or LibGuides CMS. Additional discounts may be possible based on the number of participating libraries. A 5% consortial discount is available on new subscriptions to most all other Springshare products.

Based on CLC participation levels, Springshare is offering a 15% discount on new subscriptions to LibGuides and modules (LibGuides CMS, E-Reserves) or on upgrades to LibGuides CMS. This 15% discount is in effect as long as at least 5 CLC member libraries maintain these Springshare subscriptions. A 5% discount is available to CLC members on most all other Springshare products.

Members may license Springshare products using the CLC discount at any time and the price will be pro-rated to accommodate Springshare’s billing cycle. For pricing quotes, please contact Sarah Probst, Springshare Consortium Sales Manager, Quoted prices are good through December 31, 2023.