Library Systems/Software


Timeline: Ongoing 

A consortial discount of 15% is available for new subscriptions to LibGuides or LibGuides CMS. Additional discounts may be possible based on the number of participating libraries. A 5% consortial discount is available on new subscriptions to most all other Springshare products.

Based on CLC participation levels, Springshare is offering a 15% discount on new subscriptions to LibGuides and modules (LibGuides CMS, E-Reserves) or on upgrades to LibGuides CMS. This 15% discount is in effect as long as at least 5 CLC member libraries maintain these Springshare subscriptions. A 5% discount is available to CLC members on most all other Springshare products.

Members may license Springshare products using the CLC discount at any time and the price will be pro-rated to accommodate Springshare’s billing cycle. For pricing quotes, please contact Sarah Probst, Springshare Consortium Sales Manager, Current prices will be valid through at least January 31, 2024, and Springshare will honor any quotes made in January for 60 days, even if new pricing is released during that time.