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OpenAthens (via EBSCO)

Timeline: Ongoing 

Consortial discount of 5% is available for new subscriptions on OpenAthens. Additional discounts are possible based on the number of participating libraries.

OpenAthens (via EBSCO) is available at a 5% discount for new subscribers.

There is an opportunity for additional discounts if enough CLC members decide to participate. These additional discounts would be available for both new and existing subscribers. If at least 5 new CLC subscribers purchase a subscription, then all CLC subscribers (new and existing), will receive a 7.5% discount. If CLC reaches 10 new subscribers, then all CLC subscribers will receive a 10% discount. Additional tiers of discounts may be available if additional libraries participate in the group purchase. (Please note: if a CLC member is already receiving a discount through another consortium, then the library will receive whichever discount is higher at the time of their subscription renewal.)

If CLC reaches the 5 or 10 new subscribers threshold, the relevant discount will apply immediately to new subscribers. For existing subscribers, the discount will start applying at their next renewal. However, if the existing subscriber is already receiving a discount from another source (such as another consortium), then the greater of the two discounts will apply—in other words, the discounts can’t be combined.

For a pricing quote, please contact Kirk Powell at

All new subscribers must choose to join the group CLC purchase at the same time. EBSCO will invoice all new participating subscribers for the same billing term. We have some flexibility to set the start date.

If you are interested in a subscription to OpenAthens, please fill out this Google form by September 16 to indicate your intent to participate and a preferred billing cycle.