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Devotional Archives

Summer 2017 - God's Plan May Not Be What We Think It Is (Randy Miller)

May 2017 - Don't Quarrel on the Way (Terry Kennedy)

April 2017 - Mowing in the Rain (Don Butterworth)

March 2017 - Unvoiced Perspective (Michael Bain)

February 2017 - Fan into Flame (Dale Jensen)

January 2017 - Happy New Year (Carol Reid)

December 2016 - God and Sinners Reconciled (Joshua Avery)

November 2016 - Check the Property Lines (Sharon Bull)

October 2016 - He Has Made Everything Beautiful in His Time (Ron Jordahl)

September 2016 - Right Before My Eyes (J. James Mancuso)

Summer 2016 - Leaving a Legacy (Janelle Mazelin)

May 2016 - Recorded Information (Lynne Funtik)

April 2016 - The God Who Sings (Jule Kind)

March 2016 - The Power of Shadow (Nate Farley)

February 2016 - Focus In (Becky Fisher)

January 2016 - The Grace that Goes Before (Katie King)

December 2015 - In Christ All the Fullness of Deity Lives (Anita Gray)

November 2015 - Being Thankful (Ruth Kinnersley)

October 2015 - Solid Foundation, Secure Footing (Mark Hanson)

September 2015 - Intentional Living (Linda Poston)

Summer 2015 - Divine Wisdom (Laurie Van Kleek)

May 2015 - Quiet (Carol Reid)

April 2015 - Prepare Your Shields! (Jo Ann Rhodes)

March 2015 - Choosing Joy (Bob Triplett)

February 2015 - Librarianship as a Calling and a Ministry (John E. Shaffett)

January 2015 - Far More Influential (Denise Nelson)

December 2014 - Last Christmas (Steven L. Baker)

November 2014 - Because He Lives (Nancy Warwick)

October 2014 - What if I Believe? (Anne-Elizabeth Powell)

September 2014 - Lonely in Library-Land (Gregory A. Smith)

Summer 2014 - The One Who Serves (Roger Phillips)

May 2014 - How Did I End Up Here? (Beth Young)

April 2014 - Who's the Boss? (Lynn Brock)

March 2014 - After Winter Comes the Spring (Frank Quinn)


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