Member of the Month

Craig Rosenbeck – 02/2019

Craig is the Technical Services Coordinator at Appalachian College Association in Richmond, KY. He been a member of ACL since 2014.

Describe yourself using a book title: Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

What’s the best thing about being a librarian? Serving librarians and working with multiple systems.

What are you currently reading? The Book of Nahum: A Commentary by Walter A. Maier and Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist by Allen B. Downey

Describe ACL in three words: Christ-Centered / Devoted / Relational

How do you support to libraries/librarians? Working for a consortium gives me the opportunity to provide technical support to member schools so library staff are able to help their patrons.

One thing I wish I had know as a beginning librarian . . .is the privilege to interact with other librarians from all over the world. I am thankful for that opportunity.

What do you value about ACL? I am grateful for relationships with librarians through ACL that continue to develop. The incredible conversations through discussion list are extremely helpful. I am thankful for the prayer support and the ability to be able to laugh with and be encouraged by ACL librarians.

How were you introduced to ACL? Through a librarian at Dallas Theological Seminary and my first semester in library school.

How are you or have you been involved in ACL? I have been able to attend three annual conferences and participated in the daily prayer walks each year. I presented a poster presentation at the 2017 ACL Annual Conference. I also enjoy writing book reviews for The Christian Librarian.

Do you have any specific interests in the library world? Technology and Theological Librarianship