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FACL Legacy Endowment

What is the purpose of the FACL Legacy Endowment?

The ACL Board of Directors recognizes the mission of the foundation as one that is rooted in a legacy of faithfulness. As such, the board approved and established the Legacy Endowment Fund for the purpose of furthering the mission of ACL, particularly in the areas of scholarship, research, professional development, and conference attendance. This board-designated endowment allows ACL members to contribute to the ongoing mission of the organization and also to apply for grant monies to advance librarianship within the purpose of the endowment. The endowment fund began with approximately $78,000 and it continues to grow!

Growing the FACL Legacy Endowment Fund

The Legacy Endowment fund continues to grow through earned interest and contributions. Beginning June 14, 2022, the "Faithful Words" campaign will be dedicated to growing the Legacy Endowment. Each $25 donation allows you to order a copy of ACL's collection of devotionals, Faithful Words. 100% of your donation will go directly to the Legacy Endowment. If you are interested in giving to the Legacy Endowment, please select "Day of Giving/Faithful Words Campaign" in the Donation Type dropdown on the Donations Form. Then, complete the google order form to order your copies of "Faithful Words." You can also direct any planned giving contributions or memorial gifts to the endowment fund. For more information about ways to give to the association, visit the Donations page on our website.

Applying for a Grant

In June of 2019, the Board of Directors approved a four-fold purpose for the use of endowment funds: scholarship, research, professional development, and conference attendance. If you have a need that fits within one of these four areas, we would love to receive your application for a legacy grant. The application deadline for the 2022 award is November 1, 2022. The distribution of funds will be in January 2023 (which may be split between multiple applicants). To guide you in the process of understanding which category to choose and to see what information to include, we have provided four sample applications, one in each category, to get you started. It is our hope that the award winner would be able to give back to the association through a journal article or conference presentation as a means of reporting back about the use of the legacy funds.

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