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Annual Conference

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The Association of Christian Librarians hosts an annual conference in order to inform attendees about contemporary trends in librarianship, stimulate professional development, encourage networking, and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas.  The conference is also one way that ACL can bring our members into community to encourage one another as Christian librarians primarily serving in Christian higher education around the globe. Librarians should attend who are looking to advance in their profession, engage with like-minded professionals and be refreshed and encouraged for the upcoming year.


We hope you are making plans to join us for the 2019 ACL Annual Conference!  If you would like to make budget requests for  the 2019 conference, please see the Registration Rates and Info page. Registration is scheduled to open mid-February 2019. 

**This event is not a function of Indiana Wesleyan University. ** 


2018 Conference Presentation Materials
(Asbury University) 

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Here's what some librarians had to say about the 2018 ACL Conference:

"This conference was was well thought through and put together by people who care deeply about ACL and the conference experience."

"I found a group of knowledgeable professionals, many of which are in similar situations as mine, who not only represent the field of librarianship well but also share a similar worldview as I. The conference was organized and provided a good mix of interaction."

"I loved the informative workshops, fellowship, and devotions!"

"I learned a great deal and enjoyed the sweet fellowship with colleagues and friends. The encouragement from others is so very welcoming and needed."


2019 Conference Coordinating Team

Sheila Carlblom, Indiana Wesleyan University
Host Librarian

April VanPutten, ACL
Vendor Coordinator

April McKinion, ACL
Conference Manager/Registrar, Outreach Coordinator

Jaime Pitt, Indiana Wesleyan University
Presentations Coordinator

Erinn Huebner, Grace Christian University
Poster Session Coordinator


The goals of the conference team, in support of the mission, are:

  1. Inform members of contemporary trends in librarianship;
  2. Provide professional information;
  3. Stimulate professional growth and networking;
  4. Promote a Christian philosophy and ethic of librarianship;
  5. Provide opportunities for exchange of ideas;
  6. Explore possible avenues of library cooperation;
  7. Promote service to the academic community worldwide;
  8. Share Christian fellowship; and
  9. Conduct the necessary business of the Association.