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Volunteer of the Year Award

Yearly we recognize, at the annual conference, an ACL volunteer that has exhibited exceptional dedication and has performed a volunteer service worthy of mention. This award is nominated by our volunteer leaders and selected by the ACL Board of Directors.

Congratulations to Jaime Pitt, Technical Services Librarian at Indiana Wesleyan University, who received the 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award.

Jaime was awarded the Volunteer of the Year for her role as Presentation Coordinator, a role she has been filling since 2015. She served as Assistant Presentation Coordinator in 2014. April McKinion, Conference Manager, nominated Jaime stating, "Jaime works tirelessly to gather quality presenters for our annual conference each year. She has gone above and beyond in working with me on new deadlines and tasks not previously asked of her, all with a gracious attitude. Her heart is to serve the conference and membership well. I applaud her hard-work ethic and her attention to detail. I'm so thankful she is a part of the team!" 






Recipients of the Volunteer of the Year Award

2002 - Lynette Sorsenson
2003 - Elizabeth Werner
2004 - Gail Atwood
2005 - Stanford Terhune
2006 - Jule Kind (CPI)
2006 - Anne-Elizabeth (TCL)
2006 - Jane Hopkins (Conference)
2007 - Greg Smith
2008 - Sharon Bull
2009 - Georgianne Bordner
2010 - Ben Brick III
2011 - Beryl Pagan
2012 - Alison Jones
2013 - Cheri du Mee
2014 - Denise Nelson
2015 - Doug Butler
2017 - Beth Purtee
2018 - Jaime Pitt