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Volunteer of the Year Award

Yearly we recognize, at the annual conference, an ACL volunteer that has exhibited exceptional dedication and has performed a volunteer service worthy of mention. This award is nominated by our volunteer leaders and selected by the ACL Board of Directors.

Congratulations to Dr. Craig Kubic, Dean of Libraries at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, who received the 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award.

Dr. Kubic has taken the reviews of The Christian Librarian to an entirely new level. His work with publishers getting content for reviews and soliciting reviewers has created a wonderful problem for TCL - too many reviews! His fantastic work of getting books to review is equally matched by the efforts he makes to get content to reviewers, to get reviews back for publication, and to get reviews ready for copy-editing. His excellent work in this area is matched with a rare blend of incredible skill, talent, and insight, and humility. This makes him an incredible blessing to the TCL team and to all of his efforts within ACL. He has been a wonderful blessing to work with in the production of TCL. His pastoral heart encourages the team to continually produce excellence for the ministry of TCL. While I think his heart continually reflects the love of Christ, his heart is paralleled by his drive for excellence making TCL what it is today. This is a manifestation of his efforts to glorify God in every act he does. 






Recipients of the Volunteer of the Year Award

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2019 - Craig Kubic