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Board of Directors


Leslie Starasta, Lincoln Christian University,

Leslie has been a member of ACL since 2000 and began serving on the Board as a Director-at-large in 2017. "The Association of Christian Librarians provides a vital resource for librarians, specifically professional development opportunities to enhance library and leadership skills among our members. As our world and Christian Higher Education changes, ACL must continue to provide these opportunities utilizing various options that will allow more members to participate. ACL can also help to intentionally create opportunities for members to collaboratively create shared resources and services to benefit their institutions and the Kingdom."

A list of Past Presidents is available.


Nate Farley, University of Northwestern - St. Paul, 2017-2023
Nate has been a member of ACL since 2002 and began serving on the Board as a Director-at-large in 2010. "The Association endeavors to meet the needs of its members. The last year has been one of intense need and the fallout from COVID-19 will continue to affect our members at every level. I see us continuing to creatively connect people and help them build professional relationships that can see them through these hard times and help them grow. As VP, I would continue to foster those relationships and look for new ways to improve relationships and strengthen the members."


Denise Nelson, Point Loma Nazarene University, 2020-2023

Denise has been a member of ACL since 2003 and has served on the ACL Board since 2010 as Director-at-large, Secretary, and most recently, President. "My vision for ACL is that we would continue to honor our legacy and those who have invested their lives and work in creating such a vibrant organization. I also envision ACL continuing to build on those efforts and to launch new ones in thoughtful stewardship of the resources with which God has entrusted us. As Secretary, I would hope to document the ongoing activity of the Board in ways that equip its members to work effectively, collaboratively, and faithfully on behalf of the membership."


Rodney Birch, Northwest Nazarene University,

Rodney has been a member of ACL since 1997. He served as Vice President 2011-2017 and Member-at-Large from 2008-2011. "I will continue the work of ensuring the fiscal strength of the Association through collaboration with the Business Manager, Board of Directors, Executive Director, and Team Coordinators. I endeavor to oversee the activities of the office of the Business Manager and the activities and condition of ACL's finances with honesty, humility, and transparency."

It is the authority of a Director-at-large to serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors upon election by the general membership for a three-year term. A Director-at-large is responsible, along with other directors and officers, to further the mission, goals and strategies of the Association. They are accountable to the President and Officers of the Association as representatives of the general membership.

Andrea Abernathy
George Fox University
Jeremy Labosier
Biola University
Eric Bradley
Goshen College
Sarah Davis
Corban University
Erinn Huebner
Grace Christian University

Jaime Pitt
Indiana Wesleyan University



Executive Director
Janelle Mazelin

Janelle has filled many roles within ACL since 2000. As Executive Director, she serves as the chief executive officer and official representative for the organization. Her tenure in this role began in 2008. She enjoys partnering with the many volunteers to fulfill the mission of ACL.


Marketing Advisory Team
Executive Director, CPI Team Publicity Coordinator, TCL Team Representative, Conference Manager, CLC Team Representative, and a Member-at-large

The Marketing Advisory Team provides input on the Association's ongoing marketing strategies. Members are appointed by the Board of Directors.

Nomination Team
Sheila Carlblom, Linda Poston, and Frank Quinn
The Nomination Team compiles the slate of candidates interested in serving on the Board of Directors.