Job Posting

Library Director – Montana Bible College – Bozeman, MT

Job Summary

Montana Bible College seeks a qualified and talented person to be our Library Director. As a small Bible college (currently about 70 students), this is a part-time role (A
possibility exists to combine it with an assistant to one of the vice presidents, making a full-time position) if both jobs fit the same person.).

This is an opportunity to work in a relational environment where other staff and the students are known by name and we can share life together. It’s an opportunity to work in a Christian ministry setting where our work makes a direct Kingdom impact.

Job Responsibilities

Library Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversees circulation duties;
  • Assists patrons as needed and in special requests;
  • Promotes library services to students and local community;
  • Manages the library budget for the purchase of books, e-resources, supplies, technology, library memberships, dues, continuing education and other purchases;
  • Recruits, trains, schedules, and supervises all library personnel;
  • Manages the college’s library collection (selection and ordering of resources, cataloging and original cataloging, inventory, weeding, etc.)
  • Participates with faculty in planning of the curriculum;
  • Prepares and conducts library orientation for all new students;
  • Instructs students from the Effective Written Communication class concerning information literacy;
  • Chairs meetings (typically 1-2 per year) of the Library Committee;
  • Maintains liaison relationships with Montana Shared Catalog, TRAILS, and other helpful liaisons, as needed;
  • Oversees maintenance of online catalog and e-resources;
  • Watches library web page and communicates with website person to keep up to date;
  • Assesses library activities and services and strategically plans for the future;
  • Develops (as needed) and maintains library policy and procedures;
  • Directs on-site monetary collections and fiscal reporting per MBC policies;
  • Oversees enforcement of library rules for the protection of patrons and property;
  • Oversees maintenance of the library premises, equipment and property;
  • Pursues continuing education for the purpose of improving library services and maintains membership in professional organizations;

Other Duties:

  • Participates in MBC’s student discipleship program;
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Educational/Experiential Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s Degree in Library Science or Information Literacy or similar strongly preferred (limited potential exists to hire a person without the requisite master’s degree – either MBC has to retain a credentialed librarian for oversight or the person must begin pursuit of the library degree); experience in an educational institution preferred.

Job Application Instructions

Interested persons should apply through the MBC website – to include a cover letter explaining interest in the position and a resume. Persons of interest to the College will be contacted for an exploratory conversation. If mutual interest continues, an interview process will be established. Expected start date is to be established in July or early August.