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Seminary Instruction Librarian - Evangel University - MO

The primary objective of this position is to support the teaching processes of the faculty and learning process of the students of Evangel University with a specific focus on the AGTS community. This individual will assist the Library Director by overseeing the specific operations and service of the AGTS library branch location while also playing a significant role in the seminary’s collection development process. The individual will provide training for faculty and students on information research processes in classroom and library interaction along with one-on-one training and will play a leading role in the development of instructional materials for the entire Evangel University library system. The AGTS/Instruction Librarian will report to the Director of the Library unless otherwise directed for specific issues related to the governance of the seminary.


  • Supervise the activities of the AGTS Library Circulation Staff and fill in specific areas when necessary.
  • Hire AGTS Library Circulation Student Staff and oversee the ongoing training and performance review of new and current staff members.
  • Provide reference services in response to questions from students, faculty and staff, and library guest patrons from other institutions. This includes, but is not limited to, a particular focus on responding to the needs of AGTS students, faculty and staff and responding to questions concerning the usage of the specific collections and facilities of the AGTS library.
  • Responsible for all processes related to filling Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) Interlibrary Loan resource requests from undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Develop library and research instruction materials. Collaborate with appropriate staff to ensure that such materials are posted to the library’s website.
  • Prepare and present informational and library research presentations to students and/or faculty.
  • Interface with IT concerning the maintenance and ongoing development of the AGTS Student Computer Center and hardware utilized by library staff.
  • Keep up-to-date concerning changes or updates for the various online databases licensed by the EU Libraries.
  • Collaborate with the Director of the Library in the AGTS library’s collection development and periodical subscription renewal processes.
  • Assist the Director of the Library in formulating budget proposals for the effective operation of the AGTS library.
  • Assist the Library Director in the preparation of reports of the activities, growth, and development of the library.
  • Represent the library at AGTS committee meetings as needed, serving as an interface between the library and AGTS administrators and faculty.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of the Library or the Academic Dean of AGTS.
  • Work closely with the Director of the Library and fellow university librarians in processes involving the review of policies, procedures, and operations that may need revision.
  • Maintain necessary growth of knowledge, skills, and expertise.


  • Mature Christian faith and willing to abide by the University Statement of Faith
  • An M.A. in Library Science or equivalent required ; or in process of obtaining such a degree
  • An M.Div. or other advanced theological degree, preferred
  • Familiarity with library software programs
  • Knowledge of Windows and MS Office and basic computer skills
  • Knowledge of all the functional areas of the library: cataloging, acquisitions, circulation, serials control, and administration
  • Sufficient knowledge of the Library’s collection and reference/research tools, as well as print and online resources in general, to field Reference Questions and to provide instructions for library personnel staffing key service areas
  • Good working knowledge of, at the very least, the contents and contexts of the various disciplines taught in AGTS curriculum
  • Keep abreast of trends and developments within the Information Services profession
  • Possess good management and leadership skills, including:
  • Ability to efficiently and effectively organize time and work load
  • Ability to plan ahead and assist in setting goals for library and staff
  • Maintain highest possible ethical standards
  • Team player able to work well with the library team


To be considered, applicants must apply online.

Evangel University is an equal opportunity employer participating in the E-verify program.