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Director of Library Services - Hope International University - Fullerton, CA


The Director of Library Services at Hope International University (HIU) is a full-time administrative position with faculty rank reporting to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and is responsible for managing all library resources, personnel, and services. Hope International University is a non-denominational Christian Institution that "empowers students through Christian higher education to serve the Church and impact the world for Christ." We offer a competitive benefits package for full-time employees, which includes medical, retirement, life insurance, long-term disability, Flexible Spending Account, and discounted tuition for staff and their dependents.


Including, but not limited to the following:


  • Provide vision and leadership for the library as it supports the mission and functions of the university.
  • Provide strategic planning for the library, aligned with the HIU Strategic Plan.
  • Articulate the library's mission, goals, and vision to library staff, administration, faculty, students, alumni, and other library stakeholders.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with university administration, academic deans, teaching faculty, staff, students and other colleagues on campus to enhance coordination of mutual efforts toward fulfilling the university's mission.
  • Promote and effectively advocate for continual improvement of library resources, facilities, and services.
  • Develop, interpret, and enforce library policies and procedures.
  • Evaluate and integrate emerging trends in library technology to enhance library operation and services, including institutional repositories, open access, and open educational resources.
  • Collect and maintain statistics in Library usage, circulation, acquisition, patron services, and all other vital data pertaining to program assessment, evaluation, and improvement.
  • Represent the library to donors, patrons, vendors, library associations, and consortiums.
  • Serve, as needed, on select committees across the university to represent library needs and goals, and to contribute library expertise and resources as appropriate. Academic Affairs


  • Recruit, hire, supervise, evaluate, facilitate training, and advocate for improvement and promotion of faculty ranked librarians, non-faculty library staff, and library student workers.
  • Coordinate, facilitate, and equip library personnel to achieve the library's mission and goals in the areas of reference, instruction, access to services, customer/patron service, and technical services.
  • Manage all stages of the hiring process for library personnel, working effectively with Human Resources and Payroll, and maintain personnel records in UKG.


  • Strategically build and manage the library’s collection of resources.
  • Collaborate with faculty in the selection of appropriate resources for the University's academic programs.
  • Manage the collection and organization of special archival materials, and manage user access to archival materials.


  • Participate as Director of Library Services in budget planning.
  • Manage the allocation of resources within budget parameters.
  • Selectively pursue additional funding from external sources when needs and opportunities meet, coordinating with the HIU Advancement Office.


  • Oversee the daily administration and operation of the library.
  • Provide a student-centered, customer-service oriented culture in the library and enhance the learning environment of the university by providing an atmosphere which facilitates academic pursuits.
  • Oversee Library building maintenance and repairs, and make recommendations for facilities improvements, including Library furnishings and utilization of space.


  • Supervise the production of online resources and the delivery of face-to-face and online instruction for using the library's resources.
  • Assist students, faculty, and staff in the use of Library resources and services.


  • Demonstrate a commitment to the mission of the University.
  • Be a model of servant-leadership and life-long learning.


Candidates must . . .

  • have earned an ALA accredited Library and Information Science Degree, plus an additional graduate degree (a doctoral degree is an added plus) in a field connected to the HIU academic curriculum.
  • possess management experience in an academic library setting.
  • possess excellent written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • articulate and demonstrate mature Christian faith.
  • fully embrace the mission of Hope International University.
  • model servant-leadership


To apply, fill out the application on the university's website: or apply on