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Director of Library Services - Concordia University - Irvine California

The Library Director is responsible for the overall administration of the Library, including the staff, the annual budget, and the selection and maintenance of the Library collections, both print and electronic. This position articulates the vision of the library based on the University’s mission and on the academic needs of the students, faculty, and all other Concordia constituencies.


  • Provide vision and leadership for the library.
  • Develop and implement strategic goals for the library that support the mission of the University.
  • Oversee the daily administration and operation of the library.
  • Manage and assist local and remote students, faculty, and staff in the use of library resources and services.
  • Coordinate effectively with staff, academic departments, and university administrators for ongoing improvement of the library.
  • Develop, interpret, and enforce library policies and procedures.
  • Evaluate and integrate emerging trends in library technology to enhance library operation and services.
  • Administer the library management system and all other related software programs essential to the operation of various library programs and services.
  • Supervise the selection, acquisition, cataloging, and weeding of library materials.
  • Collaborate with faculty in the selection of appropriate print and electronic resources for various academic programs.
  • Hire, train, and supervise all library employees, interns, and volunteers. Oversee the supervision of student workers.
  • Prepare and monitor the execution of the annual budget.
  • Oversee library building maintenance and repairs, and make recommendations for facilities improvements, including library furnishings and utilization of space.
  • Supervise the production of online resources and the delivery of face-to-face and online instruction for using the library’s resources.
  • Collect and maintain statistics in library usage, circulation, acquisition, patron services, and all other vital data pertaining to program evaluation and assessment.
  • Supervise the collection and organization of archival materials. 
  • Monitor patron activity in order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to research and study.
  • Other duties may be assigned from time to time.

This position requires at least a master’s degree in library science--such as an MLIS, MLS, or MSLS--and five or more years of related experience. Experience working at a Christian liberal arts-based university is a plus.


Please follow the steps to apply online at this website