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Assistant/Associate Instruction and Outreach Librarian - Colorado Christian University - Lakewood, CO


The Instruction and Outreach Librarian assists students, both traditional undergraduates as well as online, adult students, by providing classroom instruction and by being the lead for the Book A Librarian research help appointments.

The Instruction and Outreach Librarian is a full-time, exempt position with faculty rank (Assistant or Associate) who reports to the Dean of the Library. Our team of six, plus student staff serves more than 1,400 traditional undergraduates and over 7,000 adult and distance learners in a dynamic and growing academic institution. The library offers a creative and friendly environment that focuses on student and faculty support. We are a flexible team that embraces new technology and user demands to provide excellent library service.


Key Job Duties:

  1. Contribute to CCU’s mission: Christ-centered higher education transforming students to impact the world with grace and truth. The Instruction and Outreach Librarian contributes to the University’s mission through their work both inside and outside of the classroom as they teach classes, ensure student access to necessary resources, and collaborate with faculty and staff to enhance and advance exemplary academics, spiritual growth, and engagement with the world.
  2. Lead library classroom instruction, in-person and online, approximately 60-80 instructions per year.
  3. Lead the Book A Librarian signature service and meet with students in one-on-one appointments for approximately 3-6 sessions per week.
  4. Build and maintain effective relationships with both on-site and online faculty.
  5. Focus on specific outreach to the College of Adult and Graduate Studies students and faculty.
  6. Increase the visibility of the library and library resources through the LMS, syllabi, etc.
  7. Design and promote an Information Literacy curriculum.
  8. Use LibGuides, chat, Zoom, and other tools to reach students on and off campus.
  9. Collaborate with librarians and teaching faculty on various projects.
  10. Manage the Library Research Award process (undergraduate award).
  11. Serve on faculty and consortia committees.
  12. Contribute to the day-to-day operation of the academic library.


MLS required