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Guidelines for Authors

The Christian Librarian, the journal of the Association of Christian Librarians, is directed primarily to Christian librarians in institutions of higher learning. The journal publishes articles on Christian interpretation of librarianship, theory and practice of library science, bibliographic essays, reviews, and human-interest articles relating to books and libraries. Unless arranged in advance with the journal, manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that The Christian Librarian has first rights. Authors will be required to sign a Grant of License to the Association of Christian Librarians for the work. This agreement grants to the Association of Christian Librarians permission to print the article in The Christian Librarian and also provides for possible future use by the Association of Christian Librarians. All other rights remain with the author.


Scholarly articles may be up to 5,000 words in length. Some longer articles may be accepted. Shorter papers from 1,000 to 3,000 words are generally preferable for practical and non-research papers. Please prepare manuscripts using the following guidelines:

  1. Double-space all text, abstracts, and endnotes.
  2. Allow one-inch margins all around.
  3. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) citation format.
  4. Create a cover page including title, author's name, position, institution, street address, email address, and telephone numbers. The author should not be identified anywhere else in the manuscript.
  5. The first page of text should include a 100-word abstract.
  6. Unless the author indicates otherwise, it is assumed that the manuscript has not been printed elsewhere or simultaneously submitted to another journal.
  7. Quotations of five or more lines should be typed as a separate indented, double-spaced paragraph without quotation marks.
  8. Take special care with accuracy in quotations and documentation.
  9. Do not hyphenate words at ends of lines. If the complete word cannot be typed within the margin, type the word on the next line.
  10. Place tables and figures in the text where applicable - not at the end.
  11. Make good use of headings to break up the text.
  12. References and footnotes should be numbered consecutively and double-spaced at the end of the text.

Articles should be sent by email or postal mail to the Managing Editor: Tami Robinson, 7318 N Pittsburg St, Spokane, WA 99217.