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Call for Papers

As many librarians teach, and some have taught for quite some time, many of us have learned the ins and outs of teaching the hard way: by making mistakes and by learning what is terrible and what works great. The Christian Librarian (TCL) is an open-access publication of the Association of Christian Librarians (ACL). TCL will be doing a forum in its Fall 2021 issue on teaching. This forum will be asking for short (approximately 500-1000 words) descriptions or narratives of what worked for you, as a librarian, when it comes to teaching. Did you have an “aha” moment in your teaching experience that might be helpful for others? Please consider sharing it in TCL’s forum.  Did you discover a great tool that changed how you teach? Please share your narrative with other librarians through TCL’s forum. Is there a resource that impacted how you understood your role as a teacher? Again, please share your experiences so that other librarians can learn.

TCL is an open-access publication ( of the Association of Christian Librarians (ACL). While the focus of ACL is Christian Librarians, we would like to learn from everyone regarding how to better teach and instruct students. This forum is open to anyone desiring to share a brief (500-1000 words) statement regarding what they have learned through their teaching experiences.

Please consider sharing your thoughts with TCL. Any questions in relation to this teaching forum (TCL’s Fall 2021 forum) can be addressed to:  TCL’s author guidelines (including submission information) are available at: (please note that abstracts are *not* needed for the forum).

The submission deadline for TCL’s form on teaching is October 1st, 2021.

If you have any questions, please feel free to inquire at

Thank you,

Garrett Trott
Editor-in-Chief of The Christian Librarian