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Book Reviews

Reviews in The Christian Librarian are directed primarily to librarians, who use them in the selection of materials and in providing reference services. College and seminary faculty and students also make use of the reviews.

Resources Available for Review

Reviewers may keep the books in exchange for their reviews. Reviews should include the subject and scope of the work and a statement of the author's thesis. They should reveal the nature of treatment: reference book, introductory, scholarly, textbook, etc., with a synopsis of the book's content. They should evaluate the work and identify the author if he/she is not well known. Does the book achieve its purpose? How does it compare with others of its kind? What does it contribute to its field? Is it clear, thorough, and well documented?

Please use the following guidelines when preparing reviews:

  1. Double-space.
  2. Allow one-inch margins all around.
  3. General reviews should be 150 to 300 words in length, while critical reviews may go beyond 500 words.
  4. Longer review essays which survey the literature of a topic should be submitted as articles to the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.
  5. Quotations and allusions to specific points should be followed by page numbers in parentheses.
  6. Reviews should be headed with the appropriate format of the following samples:

    Author, A. A. (2016). Title of work. Location: Publisher. 200 pp. $20.00. ISBN 9781234567890
    Editor, A. A. (Ed.). (2016). Title of work. Location: Publisher. 200 pp. $20.00. ISBN 9781234567890

    Jane A. Smith, University of Higher Education
    John A. Smith, Pastor, City Church, Chicago, IL

  7. Reviewers should submit up to three (3) subject tags related to the title under review. (e.g. history; higher education; scholarly communications)

Reviews should be sent by email or postal mail to the Book Review Editor: Craig Kubic, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2001 West Seminary Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76115.