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Christian Library Consortium Team - Member

  1. Authority:  To expedite the ongoing effectiveness of Christian Library Consortium membership benefits.
  2. Responsibility:  To carry out the policies for Christian Library Consortium Team of the Association as determined by the Board of Directors.
  3. Accountability:  To the Executive Director in particular and to the Board of Directors as representatives of the general membership.
  4. Responsibilities include:
    1. Expedite the ongoing effectiveness of Christian Library Consortium memberships by:
      1. Attending the general membership meeting of the Christian Library Consortium at the Annual Conference
      2. Meeting as a team at the annual conference.
      3. Meeting via conference call or electronically as needed between annual conferences.
      4. Making Christian Library Consortium membership policy recommendations to the Board of Directors.
      5. Coordinating with the ACL Home Office in carrying out the Christian Library Consortium membership tasks.
        1. Maintaining the Christian Library Network
        2. Maintaining and expanding Christian Library
        3. Maintaining and expanding of Christian Library
        4. Promoting Christian Library Consortium membership
        5. Other tasks as identified by the Christian Library membership
      6. Preparing updates to the Christian Library Consortium section of the Association’s website as needed.
      7. Receiving and responding to the Christian Library Consortium members’ comments and suggestions in a timely manner
    2. Actively participate in the ongoing work of the Association by:
      1. Attending the annual conference
      2. Praying for the Association and its activities
      3. Understanding the Association’s By-Laws, Standing Rules, Strategic Plan, organizational structure, and Motions-inForce.
  5. Qualifications:
    1. Be a full member of the Association
    2. Be committed to and active in ACL
    3. Have working knowledge of OCLC Group Access
    4. Have working knowledge of library consortia
  6. Position Status:  Volunteer
  7. Length of term:  Two years upon appointment by the Board of Directors