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Technical Services Interest Group

What is it?

The ACL Technical Services Interest Group is an interest group for librarians who are either practicing Technical Services librarians or who have a real interest in Technical Services. Members of this group will be able to collaborate with fellow librarians on issues relevant to the philosophy and practice of Technical Services.

Who can join TSIG?

TSIG is open to any ACL member with an interest in Technical Services. Technical Services can include cataloging, acquisitions, systems, web development, serials, interlibrary loan, and anything else you can think of.

How do I join TSIG?

Fill out this google form to request to be placed on the Technical Services Interest Group discussion list. 

What topics will be discussed?

Any topic that has any kind of relationship to Technical Services in librarianship will be considered fair game for discussion.


Sheila Carlblom, Indiana Wesleyan University