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Retirees Interest Group

What is the Retirees Interest Group (RETIG)?

The Retirees Interest Group (RETIG) has the following purposes: 1) to continue to engage our retired members in the Association of Christian Librarians, and 2) to provide a forum for anyone interested in retirement to discuss and share retirement issues. RETIG helps retired ACL members keep in touch with each other and remain connected with ACL. RETIG allows its members to discuss issues relevant to the group, and offers advice to members planning on retirement.

What are the activities of RETIG?

RETIG has an email discussion list (through Google Groups), Topics on the list have included a discussion of J.I. Packer’s book Finishing our Course with Joy, other books and articles relevant to retirement, time management, policies our colleges have for retirement planning, ideas on semi-retirement, mobile apps for retirees, volunteer work, biblical views of retirement and aging.  RETIG members are helping to compile oral history of the Association of Christian Librarians.

RETIG hosts an informal meeting open to all at the Annual Conference.  This is a time of sharing and fellowship.  We often have a brief presentation given by our members.

Who can join RETIG?

Any ACL member who is retired, about to retire, or simply interested in retirement issues is welcome to join the Retirees Interest Group.  Our membership consists of ACL members who are already retired and those who are still working.  RETIG is open to ACL members of all ages. 

How can I join RETIG?

Fill out this google form to request to be placed on the Retirees Interest Group discussion list. 

Elizabeth Werner, Coordinator