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K-12 Librarians Interest Group

What is the K-12 Librarians Interest Group?

The K-12 Librarians Interest Group is designed to provide a faith-based support system for those who are in K-12 school library settings. The mission of the group is to encourage one another through sharing best practices, instructional ideas, problem-solving, and encouraging one another in the Lord as those who serve Him in schools or assist others working with the K-12 age group of learners. Further, this group's purpose is to create networking opportunities, promote ACL membership among school librarians, and create in-person and virtual forums to share resources and freely discuss topics relevant to this library community.

How might this help you

The knowledge and experience of those in this group are available as you develop or improve your library’s K-12 subcollection. If you have a feeder Academy, this community may assist you in understanding that library environment or provide you information for those school libraries. Your institution may be training K-12 teachers who will be raising readers, teaching research, and dealing with all things digital for the youngest learners now using digital devices and print materials. This group will share the joys, trends, and challenges now facing the K-12 world of education and librarianship. And if you are involved with church libraries – this group may be a resource for you, too.

Who can join the K-12 Librarians Interest Group?

Any ACL member who is a K-12 school librarian or interested in K-12 librarianship.

How can I join?

Fill out this google form to request to be placed on the K-12 Librarians Interest Group discussion list.