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Duplicate Exchange (DUPEX) Service

What is it?
The DUPEX Service facilitates the exchange needs of books, periodicals, and microform collections. This distribution list is limited to the exchange of free materials, the only cost being postage.

Who can sign up?
List members must either be ACL members themselves or be working under the supervision of someone who is a full or associate ACL individual member at the same institution. 

What if I have items that I want to sell?
Priced lists or other library items that are for sale can be offered to the main ACL discussion list.

What if I have free exchange items that are not books, periodicals or microform?
Other library items such as furniture being offered for exchange are sent to the main ACL discussion list because other ACL members or institutions that do not access the ACL DUPEX Service list may be interested in these items.

View the DUPEX Service Guidelines (available only to members)

Fill out this google form (specifically the Library Resources section) to request to be placed on the DUPEX Services listserv.

DUPEX Service Fun Facts

Individual members: 88

Institutions represented: 82

Created in the fall of 2002, this service began in direct response to the requests of the ACL membership who wanted a separate discussion list to handle exchange items so that the main ACL discussion list would be free from requests that impacted a select group of people.