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ACL Discussion List

What is it?

The ACL Discussion List is unmoderated Google Group for members of ACL. It is a tool for asking questions, sharing ideas and learning from the collective wisdom of other Christian librarians. This is beneficial for new or seasoned librarians and those in library school. 

The ACL Discussion List is a go-to source for many of our members in regards to the Christian library field. You might see discussions about cataloging, assessment at similar-sized like-minded institutions, library trends, vendors, library administration, and a variety of other topics. 

Amongst our members, the community and collaboration that the ACL Discussion list provides is one of the most valued membership benefits. Many share instructional accomplishments and prayer requests as they live, work and serve together in this unique Christian library community. 

How can I participate?

Join ACL. New memebers are automatically added to the ACL Discussion List upon joining. 


View guidelines for conduct on the ACL Discussion List.