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Library Guidelines

The Library Guidelines for ABHE Colleges and Universities can help an institution's library produce a library program of good quality and receive institutional or programmatic accreditation with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). A library can be evaluated based upon the behavior that is described at each performance level of the guidelines. The Guidelines endeavor to present the factors contributing to the sufficiency of a library's collection, services, information literacy instruction, staff, collaboration, facility, and funding to achieve the library's mission and goals for the purpose of supporting and enhancing its students' research and learning.

The Guidelines are copyrighted and intended to be used only as a resource for members of either ACL or ABHE. Members may print a copy at no cost via the associations' websites. Upon joining ACL, the following resources are also available through our 'Members Only' section of the website: bibliographies, biblical resources, and sample library policies.