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ACL Testimonials


  I heard about ACL on a visit to Cedarville University, and was immediately struck by the joy and community among its members. I do not think that I would have made it through my first year as a librarian without ACL. Members shared so much information with me and provided support. To me, ACL makes the Gospel evident in our profession. We encourage, share knowledge, and carry burdens. We are Christ to each other. All of this is in the context of unity, great professionalism, knowledge and grace. ACL has been transformative in my professional and personal life.

Andrea Abernathy



  The most significant influence in my library career is without a doubt the Association of Christian Librarians. I started my career as a librarian with no training whatsoever placed into a solo librarian position. I was recommended ACL by a long-time member and the ACL Discussion List became my life preserver. Delving further into the association I found a wonderful mentor through the mentoring program, made life-long friends at the ACL conferences, shared purpose in volunteer opportunities, and gained invaluable skills and knowledge through ACL resources.  All these wonderful aspects are made even sweeter because of an unbreakable bond members share in Christ. No matter where you are in your career there is something for you in ACL. I encourage you to get involved, ACL is a blessing to me and will be a blessing to you!

  Jill Botticelli


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