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Haiti Book Project

God had a bigger plan!

Our Vision:  A new avenue of service for ACL members and friends

Our Plan:  A first-ever ACL Conference Service Project, designed by CILA & the 2012 conference host library, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Our Goal:  300 books for 10 Haitian Christian Schools, to support Haitian literacy efforts!

Ripple Effect:  4300+ books and the “Jesus” film in Haitian Creole for 160 Haitian Christian/Community Schools!

God has blessed our first-ever ACL Conference service project!  In June, we surpassed our 2012 Conference goal of $2000 -- raising $2,574 and receiving $760 in gifted books.  In the succeeding months, God has multiplied our resources again through a partnership with Educa Vision, a Haitian American publishing company. Because ACL members gave and God blessed, we have now reached 160 schools and “put books in the hands of Haiti’s children!” A capstone donation given by CILA, provided one copy of the “Jesus” film to be included to each of these additional schools. This serves as a great way for ACL to help spread the message of Jesus in the nation of Haiti.

The Story

What started as a vision to raise $2000 to provide a 30-book Haitian Creole collection to ten community schools throughout the earthquake and hurricane-ravaged country of Haiti, began a ripple effect beyond our hope.

The Lord provided abundantly!

  • Through your generosity, we raised $2,574.
  • Twelve donors added $760 to this total, purchasing Haitian Creole children’s books.
  • ACL members prepared books for distribution in Haiti, at a conference processing workshop.
  • ACL members created a LibraryThing online “library” for the schools.
  • ACL and PBA liaisons delivered books to the schools.
  • Four thousand more new books were provided by partnering with Educa Vision. (160 packages, 25 books per package)
  • Capstone donation given by CILA to provide one copy of the “Jesus” film per package

Through our ripple effect, we were able to partner with a Haitian educational resource company, Educa Vision.  This partnership with owner, Fequiere Vilsaint, led to a negotiation with Gumdrop Books / Fitzgerald Books and allowed us to stretch our resources beyond the funds collected by ACL to reach even more children and schools with thousands of additional books.  We were also able to send each community school:

It is these precious resources that will assist children in learning and growing in ways they could not without them.  It is incredible what God can do when we trust Him, partner together, and strive to serve others. The "ripple effect" of our project has helped us connect other Christian groups working in Haiti with Haitian Creole resources, so they can take advantage of publisher discounts as well!

Haiti Partners’ director Kent Annan, a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University, has provided a short, thank you video, showing the students of IMN Community School and Cabois Community School receiving their books. Hatian schools are basically Christian, since there isn’t the same church/state division found in the US, and Haiti Partner schools are referred to as community schools. These schools include both Catholics and Protestants, emphasize community ownership and development, and encourage lots of parental involvement as well as Bible training. Kent works with seven community schools:

Three additional schools received donations, to round out the group of 10 original schools:

  • Saut d'Eau School - Ann Manginelli, liaison & ACL member, and daughter Emily delivered books to the director, Patrick Dumas, and students of Ecole Saut d'Eau Emmanuel Par La Foi of Saut d'Eau, Haiti. "The director was so excited to get the books. My hope is to be able to go back to Saut d'Eau in February/March so that I can observe at the school, take pictures, etc. I cannot wait to become more involved with the teachers and the students!"  Ann is a great example of the commitment and dedication of our ACL members.
  • Te Wouj School - Hannah Truitt, PBA elementary ed. major, was our liaison to this Haiti Bible Mission school in the mountains near Jérémie. She has visited over six times and also helped establish Te Wouj School. She took the books down in July, but school just started last month (school year in Haiti is October to June).  The community was so excited that 80 students showed up for the start of school in October, instead of the expected 40.  Hannah hopes to work there when she graduates.

“As we handed the children their supplies, we could see how excited they were for the school year, and it is great to see how ready they are to learn! The teachers were so blessed by the supplies, posters and books that were donated; all they could do was beam. The books and posters will be especially helpful, as none of the students have ever had access to materials of this quality before. It is just so exciting to see how God can use these tools and the passion of these teachers to change the lives of the students in Te Wouj.”  Katie, Haiti Bible Mission

Haiti Bible Mission also published this report in their newsletter.

  • International Academic Center (IAC) - Cheri du Mée, ACL member, and Pastor Ben St. Cyr, PBA grad, liaisons to IAC, distributed books to the children, administrators and teachers. Pastor Ben, and his father, Pastor Irick Saint-Cyr, school administrator delivered the books in June. “Our books have helped them set up a small library which, with other donations from my church, now has about 100 books.  They are thrilled with the books and very proud of their library.” View report from IAC.

Five additional schools will be given materials through liaison Kevin Jones, faculty member at Indiana Wesleyan University, and the DECAid Project, more info.

To distribute the additional 4000 books to Haitian schools and children, ACL will partner with other Christian organizations, such as the Haitian Baptist Association and Mission of Hope Haiti.

We are encouraged by the success of our inaugural Conference Service Project – joining the efforts of Association of Christian Librarians (ACL) members, the Commission for International Library Advancement (CILA) and 2012 conference host, Palm Beach Atlantic University – and hope you are, too!  Thank you again for helping us to reach and exceed our goals to help Haitian children. Check out our Haiti Project photo album.