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Global Library Investment Grant

The Global Library Investment Grant was created in 2021 to assist international libraries as they identify and address challenges that they are facing in the libraries they serve or in their own career development. With the goal of supporting professional development needs for librarians around the world, the grant will be awarded to support projects that fall into the following categories:

  • In-person Training
    The grant could support the cost of regional training for librarians that include the Librarians Manual. Examples of this support include a stipend for an ACL member conducting the training, defraying training costs for host organizations, shipping costs to send the manuals to the training location or sponsoring regional conferences. Regional conference assistance could be provided by ACL/CILA participating as a vendor, sponsoring a refreshment break or attendee gift bag or as providing financial support for an ACL member to attend the conference as a representative of ACL.
  • Technology Support
    Grant funds can be used to purchase equipment that would allow for internet access via a hotspot or hardware that would allow librarians to attend webinars or other professional development opportunities.
  • Collection Development
    Funds can be used to provide up to $5000 (one time per library) for the purpose of collection improvement. Training and access to ACL materials to develop each library's unique collection can also be provided through the grant.

Application Guidelines

  1. Be as thorough and detailed as possible in your application process. Funds are limited and this is a competitive process. 
  2. The same library/librarians cannot receive Spidell support funds more than one time within two calendar years. 
  3. A library’s/librarian's total funding may not exceed $8000 over 3 consecutive years
  4. Approval of funding for projects will be as follows:
    • Funding application received by Nov 1
    • Reviewed by a selection committee and recipients selected
    • All applicants will be notified​
  5. Approval timeline
    • Applications will be received through Nov 1
    • The grant recipients will be announced annually in the Fall


2022 Timeline

March 2022 - Application opens

Nov 1, 2022 - Deadline to apply for grant

Fall 2022 - Grant recipients announced

2021 Grant Awarded

The inaugural awarding of this grant in 2021 totals over $8000 spread between 4 recipients in Botswana, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Kazakhstan. We are able to fund:
  • a librarian's professional development
  • technology and capital improvements
  • the creation of an institutional repository, 
  • and aid in the collection development of a Bible Institute.