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Award for Excellence in Nonfiction

The 2016 ACL Award for Excellence in Nonfiction was awarded to Alister E. McGrath for his book, The Intellectual World of C.S. Lewis, published by Wiley-Blackwell. This book is a meticulous study of eight aspects of the life and writings of C.S. Lewis, including a look at Lewis’s metaphors of light, sun, and sight, the concept of myth in Lewis’s thought, and the philosophical context at Oxford in the 1920s. 

During the selection process, one team member described this year’s winning book as “excellent, eloquent, academic, accessible, thought provoking and prodigiously cited.”  Another commented that it is a “scholarly book that not only enhances the field of theology” but also caters to a general audience.

Past Winners

2014 book award cover 2014 - How God Became King
                by N.T. Wright








2012 book award cover    2012 - Jesus Christ and the Life of the
by Mark A. Noll

Meet Our Team...

Greg Martin, Chair
Cedarville University

Andrea Abernathy, Member
Judson College

Robert Burgess, Member
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Cathie Chatmon, Member
Piedmont International University

Kenneth Litwak, Member
Life Pacific College

Pamela Meridith, Member
Williams Baptist College

Lydia Neeley, Member
Northern California Bible College

Tami Robinson, Member
Whitworth University

Garrett Trott, Member
Corban University

Purpose/Philosophy of the Award

The ACL Nonfiction Book Award should embody excellence in writing and research and inspire serious discussion in the Christian community. The works should be of interest to educated lay people and academics. Although the selections should be relevant to Christians and supportive of the Christian worldview, they do not need to be evangelical or overtly "Christian."

General exclusions for the non-fiction category:

  1. Reference works (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.)
  2. Devotional works
  3. Christian education
  4. Christian living/self help

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The book must meet the Purpose/Philosophy statement.
  2. The book must be written in English (no translations).
  3. An author may receive the Award more than once.
  4. Works that have received other awards will not be excluded.
  5. The book must be published within the two calendar years prior to the award year
  6. The book does not need to be from a "Christian" publisher.