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Sponsorship & Advertising


Sponsoring a conference event or material will give your business additional benefits and publicity throughout our conference. There are several sponsorships that would reach all of our attendees, such as the tote bag, tote bag insert, or program book. ACL is grateful for our sponsors who enhance our annual conference. Please consider a sponsorship opportunity this year!

Sponsorship opportunities are available to all vendors, regardless of your ability to attend and exhibit at our conference.

ALL sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Sponsor recognition in the conference program book
  • Sponsor recognition on or at your exhibit booth
  • Discount on advertising in conference program book (see below)

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Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Lunch Sponsor ($1,500)
  • Tote Bag Sponsor ($1,000)
  • App Sponsor ($500)
  • Banquet Sponsor ($500)
  • Opening Reception Sponsor ($500)
  • Conference Scholarship ($400)
  • Refreshment Break Sponsor ($350)
  • Promotional E-mail Sponsor ($300)
  • Program Book Sponsor ($250)
  • Tote Bag Insert ($150)
  • Pre-conference Sponsor ($150)

Note: There are a limited number of participant slots for each sponsorship opportunity.


The conference program book is the official publication of the annual conference. It is distributed to all attendees upon registration at the conference. The program contains pertinent conference information for attendees, and they refer to it often throughout the conference. Placing an ad in the program book is a great way for you to present your sales message.

Advertising opportunities are available to all vendors, regardless of their ability to attend or exhibit at the conference.

Ad Size (4-color) Dimensions Exhibitor & Sponsor Rate Exhibitor or Sponsor Rate Advertising Only Rate
Quarter Page 3.625 x 4.875" $100 $125 $150
Half Page-Vertical 3.625 x 10" $150 $175 $200
Half Page-Horizontal 7.5 x 5" $150 $175 $200
Full Page 7.5 x 10" $300 $325 $350

The deadline for submission of all conference program advertising, including electronic files and payment is Monday, April 16, 2018. Please submit artwork in a PDF format that is sized to the ad you have chosen. To reserve your advertising space in the program book, please register online and submit your artwork or advertisement to April VanPutten, Vendor Coordinator.