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Presentations & Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions

Do you have an idea, discovery, or experience, that you want to share with fellow librarians in a face-to-face presentation?  The ACL conference provides you with a great opportunity to share what you know with others!  We want to hear your ideas about social media, information literacy, management/leadership, student workers, professional development, reference consultations, assessment, budgeting/cost savings, marketing and outreach, technology trends, and so much more! These are easy, non-overwhelming ways to exhibit innovations, cool tools, or projects to your colleagues.

The poster sessions should include high-quality posters and professional presentation of the material. Each poster should be well organized, engaging, creative, and content should be applicable to other libraries! Attendees will vote for their favorite poster and the winner will receive a $50 gift card! Not sure how to create a poster that is sure to be a winner? Check out these resources for ideas.

Poster Session Preparation LibGuide

Designing for a Poster Session

Making an Academic Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation Tips 

Poster Examples

We are no longer taking poster presentation submissions. If you have questions about poster sessions please contact April McKinion, Conference Manager, at

2018 Conference Info:

Theme: Riding the Circuits: Sharing Knowledge, Then and Now

Pre-conferences: Monday, June 11

Vendor Showcase: Wednesday, June 13

Main Conference: June 11-14


We look for presentations that balance both theory and practice, are well researched, and presented in an engaging manner. Presentation proposals will be chosen based on several criteria including your level of expertise and the extent of your experience with the topic. Presenters should be prepared to discuss innovations or new ways of thinking about a topic. Everyone, from librarians with years of experience to library school students, is encouraged to submit proposals.

Topics of Interest to the Association Include:

  • Embedded Librarianship
  • Ebooks/E-Resources: best practices, analytics, etc.
  • Open educational resources (OER) and affordable learning materials
  • Information literacy/Bibliographic Instruction
  • Resource Sharing
  • User Experience/UX Design
  • Marketing & Outreach: engaging students & faculty
  • Online Instruction and/or distance learners
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Scholarly Publishing
  • Leadership skills/Management Issues
  • Public services, student workers, Interlibrary Loan
  • Cataloging (RDA, Linked Data, Cooperative Cataloging)
  • Technology in the library
  • Administration: budgets, annual reports/program review, assessment
  • Accreditation
  • Archives & Institutional Repositories

Presentation Formats:

  • Workshop: The presenter uses a lecture or hands-on format, allowing 10 minutes at the end for questions and discussion.
  • Panel: Group of two or three experts present on the same concepts or convey varying points of view, allowing time at the end for questions and discussion.
  • Roundtable Discussion: Informal group discussion around a specific topic.  The leader will be prepared with comments and questions, will keep the discussion focused on the topic and will encourage the participation of all attendees.
  • Paper: Presentation of a short paper, either read or summarized, allowing 15 minutes at the end for questions and discussion.  Please remember that even paper presentations need to be delivered in an engaging manner.

Questions about presentation proposals? Contact Jaime Pitt, ACL Presentation Coordinator, at



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