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2021 CLC Research Award Recipients

Master's College & Seminary, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada--Melanie Chandler

Degree: Bachelor of Religious Education
Nominated by Ruth Sadlier, Director of Learning Resources

Melanie is studious, possesses a keen eye for detail, and is an excellent writer in content, analysis, and the clear articulation of her ideas. Her writing is always well structured, logically argued, and meticulously proof-read. She consistently meets a high standard in all the work she submits. 

Melanie regularly took the initiative to assume a leadership role among her classmates helping to collect, organize, and clarify her classmates' contributions.   

Master's College and Seminary, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada—George Fennelly

Degree: Bachelor of Theology
Nominated by Ruth Sadlier, Director of
Learning Resources

George submits exceptionally written essays demonstrating a high commitment to excellence in research and written presentation.

George steadily exhibits strong Christian character and through his quiet and gentle manner, he gains the confidence of and provides leadership to his fellow students and the youth he works with. While in residence he was one of the “go-to” guys when others were looking to talk, for advice and wise counsel.

North Central University, Minneapolis, MN—Grace Malsam

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Bible and Theology
Nominated by Judy Pruitt, Director of Library Services

For Grace’s senior project, "Biblical Allusions in Genesis 32:24-32 and Exodus 4:24-26," her advisor suspects that she read everything in TJ Jones Library’s collection about Genesis and Exodus. The library’s interlibrary loan team attests that Grace was also an avid and relentless user of their service. Much of the editing of her project consisted of condensing her findings from the massive amount of data she had compiled. The award committee was thoroughly impressed by Grace’s successful synthesis of her research. 

While at NCU, Grace served with a nonprofit organization, was actively involved in local church ministry, completed a ministry internship in Sweden, and attended a Textual Criticism Colloquium in England. In 2020, during her junior year, Grace was selected to present at the Undergraduate Bible and Theology Conference of Minnesota. Grace’s professors admire her consistent Christian witness and are excited about her pursuit of God’s calling for her life. 

Ohio Christian University, Circleville, OH—Derrick Gilliland

Degree: BA in Biblical Studies
Nominated by Paul Roberts, Director of Library Services

Derrick is always in the library working on class projects. The professor who nominated him said that Derrick always seems to find the best sources for his research.

When the Library Committee met to choose the candidate for this award, Derrick's name was the name that was the obvious choice in everyone's mind. His maturity and Christian character were the hallmarks that distinguish Derrick from the other candidates.

Roberts Wesleyan College/Northeastern Seminary, Rochester, NY—Andrew Rudolf

Degree: Religion and Philosophy
Nominated by Meredith Ader, (Interim) Director of Library Services

I think it best to quote our CAO who has worked one on one with Andrew: "Andrew has the strongest set of research skills of any student with whom I've interacted in my 40+ years at RWC.  The fact that he's been offered a full ride to Princeton speaks to his intellectual ability to do significant research."

Besides being an exceptionally kind and humble young man, serving Christ in his words and actions, Andrew also has served as an intern at a local church and holds the position of student Campus Ministry Director.

Southern California Seminary, El Cajon, CA—Jay Bowman

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Biblical Studies
Nominated by Jennifer Ewing, Library Director

Throughout the twenty-eight-week course, Jay has demonstrated remarkable development in research and writing. He has learned to locate and implement both relevant primary and secondary literature, utilizing resources that include academic journal articles and scholarly monographs. His writing betrays a keen understanding of debated issues, which at times, causes him to interact with footnotes with significant aptitude. Through all of it, he has faithfully implemented feedback that I have given him as his professor and hit every due date required of him. Through consistent accuracy of Turabian formatting and a command of English prose—coupled with promising development toward the biblical languages—Jay has excelled in theological writing above what is expected at the undergraduate level. 

Since first enrolling at SCS, Jay has stood out in his passion for academics as well as His love for Christ, His Word, and truth. He is a student who is quick to learn while remaining teachable with humility. Having served in the marine corps, Jay displays diligence and dependability, traits that have led to him being hired as an administrator for incoming students at SCS. Recently married to his wife, Stephanie, he is often called on to help friends in need, serve the church body, and juggle multiple tasks at once which he does an attitude of joy and gratitude toward Jesus.

Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN—Shannon Whitt

Degree: Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling
Nominated by Beth Purtee, Collection Services Librarian

Shannon excelled in the research methods course in the MA program.  She not only was able to grasp the concepts needed for assignments, but she also had an overall grasp of research.  She was able to use current research applications in clinical practice. Shannon is known to find current research to answer a question in a class or with a client rather than depend only on seeking feedback.

Shannon has interned at the Trevecca Counseling center for the last four semesters.  She is dependable, consistent, and open to feedback.  She would guide newer interns through the process, as well as provide the extra time when needed to meet client and site needs.  She demonstrates professionalism from the classroom, internship site, and individual meetings with faculty and other students.