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2020 CLC Research Award Recipients

God’s Bible School and College, Cincinnati, OH—Tyler Sowers

Degree: Associate of Arts in General Studies
Nominated by Stephanie Owens, Director of Library Services

Tyler is recognized for quality writing and research along with frequent library study sessions noted by  faculty members. In his pursuit of an engineering degree, he shows an aptitude for academics.

Personally, Tyler is consistently kind, respectful, and careful in living, and he values a Christian education enough to complete prerequisites at our Bible College before attending university.   

Master's College and Seminary, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada—Cameron Bell

Degree: Bachelor of Religious Education
Nominated by Ruth Sadlier, Director of
Learning Resources

Cameron is inquisitive. He wants to dig deeper, further into the course material than his classmates. His assignments show a keen interest in sources to build his points and arguments. Evidence that he has spent time in the library pouring over material so that he can intelligently tackle assignments is seen. Cameron is an example of a student that loves the library -- loves what it can offer -- and makes ample use of it to achieve the results he seeks in his knowledge and preparation. 

Cameron is a picture of quiet humility and stable leadership. He demonstrates wisdom beyond his years. In his two years as a student with us, Cameron served as a member of a worship team and in his second year moved into the student leadership team as a worship team coordinator. In these roles, he brought such maturity and wisdom to the entire leadership team and excellence to the worship team he led. His influence was seen further through the travel teams to our constituency. Cameron is highly respected by every student and member of our staff and faculty.

Master's College and Seminary, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada‚Äč—Adrian Pivott-Dyer

Degree: Bachelor of Theology
Nominated by Ruth Sadlier, Director of Learning Resources

Adrian demonstrates a voracious desire to know and understand. He is always asking questions and interacting in class, and it is evident in his assignments that he has made good use of the library and resources that M.C.S. makes available to him. He desires to achieve knowledge so that he can offer an intelligent response to others and also satisfy his own desire to know.

Prior to attending college, Adrian was an active leader in his church and community. Having found Christ and leaving the gang culture he was in, Adrian walks with a keen sense of the power of God to transform. During his four years in college, Adrian led our campus with his heart for evangelism and pastoral care for other students, especially those in his class who were struggling. He served as the president of his class, organizing social activities, spiritual connection gatherings, and weekly prayer meetings. In his final semester, he served as a senior student adviser to the First Year class leadership team. Adrian is known on our campus as a man of highest character and integrity, respected and loved by all.

North Central University, Minneapolis, MN—Kory Engram

Degree: Biblical Studies
Nominated by Judy Pruitt, Director of Library Services

Kory consumed vast amounts of historical materials in preparation for his project, "Canaan Land is the Land for Me: Liberative Ecclesiology of the African American Slave Church in its Interpretation of the Book of Exodus." He demonstrated the essential quality of persistence that is so necessary in research. He then successfully synthesized all of the content to propose a novel theological model. 

Kory was active and influential in Residence Life during his entire time at NCU, giving of himself to lead and mentor fellow students. Kory also served in the library for the entirety of his NCU career and performed his duties exceptionally. Kory was chosen to speak in chapel on multiple occasions and is highly respected across campus for the authenticity and intentionality of his Christian walk.

Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach, FL—Brooke Stanish

Degree: English
Nominated by Kellie Barbato, Access Services Librarian

Brooke is the finest pure researcher that I have worked with in my decade as a faculty member. I have had the opportunity to work with Brooke in a number of courses and on a number of projects, and her work has been marked by a keen interest in innovative ways to connect seemingly disparate (and often overlooked) considerations within literary and cultural studies. Brooke also served as a student research assistant in the Summer Undergraduate Research (SUGAR) Program last summer for an extensive project on children’s literature and comparative studies, with the subsequent results slated for publication submission this fall. She is the kind of student whose talents challenge faculty (in the most positive and productive manner) to expand their academic purviews, and I can state without reservation that I am a better scholar for having worked with her.

Brooke's writing and research skills are highly advanced, and her formal experience within such a wide range of literary fields is practically unparalleled for someone her age. Brooke is the President of PBA’s English Honor Society, and her skills as a research mentor are equally noteworthy, as she has helped coordinate a group of seven other PBA students who have been accepted to present critical research work at the National English Honor Society Convention. She is an individual of the highest Christian moral character with a legitimate imperative for social betterment, and I can think of no better representative for this award than Brooke.

San Diego Christian College, Santee, CA—Kate Green

Degree: Bachelor of English
Nominated by
Ruth Martin, Director of Library Services

Kate is an excellent writer and an intelligent researcher who strives for perfection in all aspects of her work.

Kate has served this institution in a number of capacities, but most importantly her exemplary performance in the classroom and her commitment to Christian values makes her a model for others.

Southern California Seminary, El Cajon, CA—Christian Bland

Degree: Bachelor or Arts, Biblical Studies
Nominated by Jennifer Ewing, Library Director

Christian consistently displays a writing and research method that surpasses what is required. He is able to integrate works of Church history with current research in order to reach well-formulated positions backed by Scripture. He displays a mastery of Turabian formatting and writes with smooth academic prose. Though his theological background at times differs from his professor’s and fellow classmates, Christian is able to represent all sides of an argument judiciously and fairly, never casting unwarranted dispersion on views different than his. He has excelled in other classes as well as Doctrinal Summary, consistently being a top performer among his peers.

Christian has remained teachable with a humble spirit, and constantly displays enthusiasm and passion for growing in his knowledge of Scripture and theology. Outside the classroom, he serves in ministry at a local Presbyterian church and is quick to add the elements he learns to his ministry to better care for Christ’s sheep.

Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN—Angeliki Callis

Degree: Master of Science in Medicine (Physician Assistant)
Nominated by Beth Purtee, Collection Services Librarian

Angeliki completed an excellent analysis of a recent clinical trial in her Master’s research paper entitled “The Efficacy of Voxelotor versus Placebo to Increase Hemoglobin in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease.” Sickle cell anemia is a relatively common, clinically relevant disease that can cause both chronic and acute complications that significantly decrease life expectancy and quality of life. Standard treatment options are not curative and do not target the main cause of complications, which is the polymerization of sickle hemoglobin under hypoxic conditions. The study found that the new medication voxelotor was able to significantly decrease anemia in patients with sickle cell anemia. In her paper, Ms. Callis skillfully set up the context for the clinical trial in relation to past research on sickle cell disease treatment. Angeliki then did an outstanding job critiquing the clinical trial, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and accurately assessing the clinical relevance and applicability of the trial results. She also shared precise details about how voxelotor would influence future patient care.     

Prior to her tenure in the Trevecca PA Program, Angeliki volunteered as an EMT for her local fire department and as an assistant in the neonatal intensive care unit. She is a committed Christian woman who is supportive of her classmates and who looks forward to her career as a physician assistant in which she will provide compassionate care for those in need.

Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN—Grace Perry

Degree: Bachelor of Psychology
Nominated by Beth Purtee, Collection Services Librarian

During her research methods course for the psychology major, Grace produced an original research study on cognitive flexibility, resilience, depression, and rumination as predictors of creativity. This multivariate study that utilized multiple regression for analysis was advanced for an undergraduate researcher. Grace’s manuscript has been submitted for consideration of publication at a peer-reviewed journal. She will be presenting her study at NCUR (National Conference of Undergraduate Researchers) this month. Grace is one of the top undergraduate researchers to come through our psychology program.     

Grace demonstrates leadership in her role as a research assistant. She helps the students throughout the entire research process including developing the initial idea/problem, generating hypotheses, identifying instruments, designing methodology, collecting and analyzing data, and review of manuscript drafts and symposium preparations. In addition to her research assistant role, Grace provides peer tutoring for research methods and statistics. Grace demonstrates a commitment to helping others grasp complex concepts, and her desire to serve others stems from her commitment to Christ. Throughout her undergraduate years, Grace has engaged in volunteer opportunities to serve others which are evidences of her Christian character.