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2018 CLC Research Award Recipients

Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary—Nehemiah Bathula

Degree: PhD Holistic Child Development
Nominated by Maria Nora V. Del Rosario, Library Director

Nehemiah Bathula is a hard-working and passionate researcher. His dissertation is entitled "Towards Empowerment of Children Rescued from Child Sex Trafficking in Rajahmundry, India: A Holistic Needs Analysis.”

Nehemiah served the institution of New India Bible Seminary in different capacities; as a staff, faculty, and pastor for three years 2012 to 2015 in India. In the seminary, he was given a number of opportunities to participate in theological and leadership conferences.

In Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, he became the Chairman of Spiritual Affairs for the student body in the SY 2016-17. At present he is assisting a pastor in the local church in Manila, Philippines. Nehemiah Bathula was recommended for this award by Dr. Nativity Petallar, Program Director of PhD - Holistic Child Development.


Grace College and Seminary, Winona Lake—Stuart Mullett

Degree: BA English
Nominated by Paul Roberts, Director of Library Services

Stuart's paper, “A Wooden Part of Her Soul:  Disability in Flannery O'Connor's Short Stories," analyzed two of O'Connor's short stories in light of the emerging field of disability studies. He is especially interested in literature of the American South, embodiment (including disability studies), and intersections between theology and literature, as he looks forward to entering a PhD program in the fall.  Stuart is a meticulous and dedicated researcher who essentially taught himself disability theory. A hallmark of his writing and class participation is his ability to bring nuance to virtually any discussion; he likes to examine issues from multiple angles before developing his own thoughtful response. Stuart has served as an intern and editorial assistant for Dr. Lisa Wooley, Chair of the Graduate Counseling department, as she prepares to launch The Journal of Integrative Behavioral Science (JIBS). Although behavioral science isn't his primary academic focus, his work on JIBS is further evidence of his dedication to scholarly research. Dr. Lauren Rich, Chair, Department of Language, Literature and Communication, supports Stuart Mullet as the nominee for Grace College's ACL Research Award. She states, "Stuart is an absolutely incredible scholar." Potential candidates were chosen from the 2018 Communitas, day of scholarship presentations, having been reviewed by Grace librarians and the Faith, Learning and Scholarship committee. 


Grace University, Omaha, NE—Ella Young

Degree: MA
Nominated by Paul Roberts, Director of Library Services

Ella does not hesitate to dig to find the resources and information she needs. Additionally, her professors report that she is very precise. Ella's concentration is marriage and family therapy. In addition to excelling in the classroom, Ella has organized marriage retreats in her local church, and recently returned from a mission trip to Mexico where she led a workshop on marriage. Her adviser wrote that Ella is truly a woman of God walking with Him. There was no doubt among the faculty that Ella was the best student to receive this award.


Hope International University, Fullerton, CA—Noah S. DeWitt

Degree: MA Business Administration
Nominated by Terri Bogan, Reference & Instruction Librarian

Mr. DeWitt was one of ten students who gathered primary research data on how Hope International University (HIU) could grow its MBA program using the theoretical lens of a marketing plan. As part of writing his marketing plan, Mr. DeWitt analyzed and synthesized the research data that had been gathered. Upon completion of his marketing plan, Mr. DeWitt's recommendations were presented to and accepted by HIU's College of Business and Management's External Business Advisory Board. That Board endorsed Mr. DeWitt's recommendations and they are currently being implemented by HIU.

Mr. DeWitt demonstrated leadership by effectively motivating nine of his peers on a research team as they gathered primary data. His leadership was extraordinary since he demonstrated this skill in a virtual research environment with no opportunity for the researchers to interact synchronously. Mr. DeWitt’s ability to motivate his peers in a virtual environment as they gathered primary data was critical to his successful research paper, marketing plan, and presentation to the College of Business and Management’s External Business Advisory Board.

Mr. DeWitt shows compassion and high Christian character to his peers within the discussion board context of the BUS5102 Marketing Management course. It was obvious that his written comments on delicate issues were compassionate, passionate, and yet sensitive to the feelings as well as core beliefs of his peers.


North Central University, Minneapolis, MN—Trinity K. Bergeron

Degree: Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Nominated by Judy Pruitt, Directory of
Library Services

Trinity's ability as a research scholar to understand, organize, and synthesize professional literature will be a valuable contribution to the field of social and behavioral sciences. In her project focusing on the relationship between nicotine dependence and long-term sobriety, Trinity's comparative analysis of the literature was masterfully organized. Trinity's Christian character is displayed through the excellence of her academic work and her joy in helping others.

As a counselor-in-training, Trinity capitalized on her applied research project to collaborate with professionals at the University of Minnesota in helping people struggling with addictions.

Trinity also challenged herself by presenting her project proposal to graduate and undergraduate research methods classes. Her meta-analytic proposal modeled for her peers the importance of the IRB process. Trinity's research abilities have been recognized and enthusiastically commended by North Central's Social and Behavioral Sciences faculty.


Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach, FL—Therese Hair

Degree: BA English
Nominated by Kellie Barbato, Access Services Librarian and
Steven Baker, Dean of Warren Library

Therese was invited to read her paper, entitled "Emerging Adulthood in the Holocaust and the Parent-Child Relationship," at both the Palm Beach Atlantic University Interdisciplinary Research Conference and the annual meeting of Sigma Tau Delta, the national honor society for English majors. According to Dr. Lee Prescott, instructor of the Holocaust literature course for which the paper was originally written, Therese proved that "she could do focused, sustained research on an original topic."

Also according to Dr. Lee Prescott: "Therese has many outstanding qualities: she is intelligent, kind, diligent, and thoughtful. She listens well to others. Her Christian commitment is evident in her dedication to honoring the talents that God gave her; her life is a reflection of her beliefs."


Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY—Amanda Eggleton

Degree: BS Social Work
Nominated by
Matthew Ballard, Interim Directory of Library Services

Amanda is an Honors student with a wonderful grasp of the process of research who has excelled in our program. Amanda has diligently grasped concepts, worked with others as a leader in the development and production of a research project, and carried out independent research on campus to answer challenging and timely research questions. She has extremely high standards developed by her excellent study skills and comprehensive knowledge of what goes into empirical study.

In the fall of 2017, Amanda undertook a research project studying the dynamics of sexual assault from the experiences of students at RWC and to identify preventative measures that can be taken to lessen or eliminate this problem. This research study was her senior honors project and was born from her deep commitment to social justice and the wellbeing of others.

Amanda demonstrated great teamwork and leadership as a member of a research team studying the satisfaction of partner families with the services they received from Habitat for Humanity. She contributed a very strong section to the writing of the literature review. She would direct and mentor others in her team and exercise the leadership necessary to get the various drafts of the project completed on time. Amanda is a strong woman of faith which permeates her life, work, and interactions with others in the department of social work. I believe that she is quite skilled and able to perform strongly within the realm of undergraduate research. She is endorsed for this award the professors of the Social Work department.


San Diego Christian College, Santee, CA—Michael Botello

Degree: BS
Nominated by Ruth Martin, Director of Library Services

Michael has a keen mind and shows excellence in thinking, research, writing and oral communication. He presented an excellent literature review and senior capstone paper: “Does Partisanship Promote Ethical Leadership?” 

Michael has been a consistent and phenomenal leader on and off the SDC campus during his four years. He has worked with local state elected members first through internship and now through employment.

He initiated and attended a three-week study program in Washington, D.C., and abroad in Oxford, United Kingdom, to study the history of free-market economics in the summer of 2016. On his return, he launched the AEI Executive Council, a student-led program for the promotion of conservative political thought on college campuses. He leads with strong Christian leadership skills.


Southern California Seminary, El Cajon, CA—Guy Troy Warner

Degree: BA Biblical Studies
Nominated by Jennifer Ewing, Library Director

Troy has consistently displayed the ability not only to research relevant, scholarly sources that validate his positions, but also to interact with first hand opposing views—an element required at the graduate level. Moreover, Troy exhibits a clear and logical writing style that makes his chapters coherent and understandable with a flow of thought that few students possess. Even when writing on controversial aspects concerning theology, he does so in a professional, and winsome manner. He is never shy to differ from his professor when convicted on a point; yet, always remains respectful throughout. He has improved drastically over the past six months concerning Turabian formatting and expressing thoughts in the 3rd person, and is always teachable and welcoming of critique that will better is craft. Troy is the senior pastor of a large Calvary Chapel church and has not let the demands of busy ministry affect his integrity in homework assignments. He regularly teaches and preaches, and counsels church members, as well as leading tours to Israel, and through it all, Troy remains in contact with his professors and submits assignments at an “A” level. Troy’s faithfulness to the task at hand is a wonderful character trait, and his excitement and diligence in research and writing these chapters have been infectious. It is with pleasure that I nominate Guy Troy Warner for the ACL award knowing he will use this Doctrinal Summary to bless those in his church, and among the body of Christ at large.


Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN—Erin Jenkins

Degree: MS Medicine, Physician Assistant
Nominated by
Waggoner Library Faculty

Erin completed an excellent analysis of a recent clinical trial in her master’s research paper entitled, “Efficacy of Scalp Cooling Device in Reducing Chemotherapy-Induced Alopecia.” Erin skillfully critiqued the clinical trial, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and accurately assessed the clinical relevance and applicability of the trial results. Displaying an in-depth understanding of the study and its implications, Erin also proposed crucial future studies that should be performed to further knowledge and patient care in this area. Ms. Jenkins has consistently demonstrated her strong Christian character and leadership ability. Erin recently completed a clinical rotation at the faith-based nonprofit medical and mental help care facility. Erin has been a diligent and a respectful, and a supportive student of the PA program.


Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN—Kelsey Raymond

Degree: BA History
Nominated by
Waggoner Library Faculty

Kelsey is by far the strongest researcher I have seen as an undergraduate in history so far in my career.  She consistently goes above and beyond the expectations for course research papers. While she is exemplary in traditional class research settings, she has also demonstrated an aptitude for graduate level research. In the fall of 2016, she participated in the HIS 3333 FLARE course, during which she conducted extensive historical archival research on the business and real estate dealings of Adelicia Acklen, a Nashville socialite. She and her group argued that Adelicia represented an unconventional 19th-century woman in that she ventured into the male-dominated realm of business and became incredibly wealthy. She presented that work at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research and at the Student Research Symposium in April, 2017. Kelsey has also presented her Historical Research capstone paper on mental illness in the Civil War at the Tennessee Experiential Learning Symposium in and at the 2018 National Conference of Undergraduate Research.

Kelsey tackles her research with passion and is a strong self-starter. She has consistently been successful in navigating the process of historical research. I know she will excel in graduate school, and she is already on the pathway to becoming a strong historian.


Warner University, Lake Wales, FL—William Barnett

Degree: MA Ministry
Nominated by Sherill L. Harriger, Library Director

William does excellent research because he works with sources far beyond the assigned readings in his courses. His written work reflects research in scholarly articles in relevant fields, interaction with scholars from many perspectives on an issue. William’s research includes interviews in the field with interested persons, observations of the actual scenario his project or paper addresses, and an engagement with the wider context and milieu in which his projects will be implemented. Also, his work reflects plans and projects that will be worked out with living people in real world contexts. Grounded in scholarly examination and theory, William’s work extends into the world of human need, human aspiration, and the creative expressions of which humans are capable. These papers and projects are detailed, well-written, properly formatted and structured, and reflective of the best practices in both the academy and the Church.

William’s character and leadership are evident in the classroom. His ability and character are expressed in his ministry calling among the people he serves and leads at the congregational level. William leads people in the congregation into cutting-edge ministry in their community and world. At the same time, William is a humble learner, always willing to hear new ideas and think in new ways about the world of ministry.

William has been a stellar student! One of those students who leaves a lasting impression on me. His work exemplifies the reasons I got into teaching and expresses the highest quality of academic work. He is an example of what is good in higher education: Students who both learn and apply emerging ideas to complex problems in the world around them.