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2017 CLC Research Award Recipients

Grace College and Seminary, Winona Lake, IN—Kylie Tester
Degree: BA English Education
Nominated by Tonya Fawcett, Director of Library Services

Kylie is a dedicated student and motivated researcher. For her senior thesis, she delved into the current scholarship on Socratic classrooms and conducted her own primary research by observing and collecting/analyzing data during her classroom observations. While at Grace, Kylie has also written a number of very strong literary research papers, but for her senior thesis, Dr. Lauren Rich, as senior thesis advisor, encouraged her to choose a topic that would bring together both her passion for literature and her passion for teaching. Kylie contributes to Grace College—especially the English program--in many ways. As a founding editor for the Inkspot Literary Magazine and a faithful participant in Writer's Block Workshop, she has been hugely instrumental in creating interest in creative writing on our campus. She is also a member of Alpha Chi, the student writer/editor for LLC Lately (the LLC Department's biannual electronic newsletter), and a LLC student assistant. Her writing and social media skills are also used in maintaining the LLC Facebook page and Inkspot website. In her spare time, Kylie also sings with the Lancer Chorus. Kylie has been recommend for this award by Dr. Lauren Rich, Chair of Literature, Language and Communication department and her academic advisor, Dr. Paulette Sauders.


Grace University, Omaha, NE—Daniel Kiser
Degree: MA
Nominated by Dr. Kris Udd, Interim Library Director

Daniel Kiser has excelled in research, demonstrated both by in-class work, and by excellent work in researching. Recently, he presented his work at a conference in his area of study. Daniel has demonstrated leadership ability both in the classroom and outside, as per faculty input. He has also demonstrated Christian character in his Bible/theology classwork and through his behavior during his studies at Grace. Daniel Kiser was recommended for the award by the graduate faculty.


Judson College, Marion, AL—Victoria Douglas
Degree: BA
Nominated by Andrea Abernathy, Assistant Professor of Library Resources

Ms. Douglas has demonstrated excellence through her research for her Honors Project. For her academic paper, entitled “Monetary Exchange and Circumvention of Usury Laws for the Fiscal Growth of the Medici Bank under Cosimo de’ Medici,” she combed through primary and secondary sources, culling salient points to draft a literature review for her project that is both compelling and comprehensive. She has truly become an expert on this topic and her research is a testimony to her proficiency as an academic scholar. Ms. Douglas is a leader among her peers and her ability is commendable. She currently has achieved a 3.870 G.P.A. She contributes effectively to class discussion and she leads her peers as a model student who completes all her assignments on time and arrives prepared for class. Ms. Douglas is an example of Christ through her faith. She exhibits the fruit of the Spirit in her daily walk and is an example of “Light and Truth” on our campus.

North Central University, Minneapolis, MN—David Putman
Degree: BA Biblical and Theological Studies
Nominated by Judy Pruitt, Library Director

David has been engaged in advanced research in textual criticism of the New Testament. Under the supervision of a faculty mentor, he has provided a fresh transcription and original analysis of four Greek manuscripts. His work with primary sources is exemplary and will add to the body of text critical research that serves the scholarly community. David has been a model Christian leader on campus. In his role as president of the Society of Bible & Theology, he has fostered productive dialogue on campus. He has also been instrumental in helping to strengthen and expand the newly formed theology honor society, Theta Alpha Kappa. In his work and relationships he demonstrates integrity and grace. David's research abilities have been recognized and commended by faculty in the Department of Bible & Theology.


Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY—Ariana Zimmer
Degree: BS Psychology
Nominated by Matthew Ballard, Interim Directory of Library Services

Ariana understands the intersections between psychology and biology. She has assisted in several research projects and exhibits knowledge of the disciplines, capability to grasp implications of small details, and the ability to search scientific literature for needed information. She shows promise in biopsychological research with her ability to see the larger picture, her dedication to solving roadblocks that researchers experience, and her grasp of statistical analysis and research methodology. Ariana is a follower of Jesus Christ, exhibiting the servant-leadership style. She works hard and finds ways to get the job done, quickly taking ownership for a project. She studies in depth, floats ideas, and makes significant contributions to the projects. She has compassion for others, is honest and caring and treats others well. Currently, Ariana is involved in several research endeavors with faculty. She was enthusiastically nominated by two of her professors in the Psychology Department: Dr. Rod Bassett, Professor and Dr. Paul Stevenson, Assistant Professor.


San Diego Christian College, Santee, CA—Liliana Gomez-Garza
Degree: BS
Nominated by Ruth Martin, Director of Library Services

Liliana Gomez-Garza successfully completed her capstone course in Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Sciences: Pre-Physical Therapy major with the research paper, "Biomechanics of Running on Different Terrains and Inclinations." As the captain of the women’s cross country team, Liliana Gomez-Garza has led her team in the physical and spiritual realm through loving encouragement and guidance. She worked with others to establish the FCA huddle on the SDC campus and has served as a leader. Additionally, Liliana continuously defends what is right in the eyes of God.


Southern California Seminary, El Cajon, CA—Todd Mathisen
Degree: BA Biblical Studies
Nominated by Jennifer Ewing, Library Director

Todd has a unique ability to express deep theological concepts with remarkable clarity and conciseness. He has distinguished himself by his use of scholarly recourses, excellent Turabian formatting, and clearly defined categories while maintaining a smooth flow of thought. Todd has been one that makes sure he is paying attention to all aspects of his research and writing, from overarching theological constructs to the minute details of formatting and grammar. Todd is being nominated for the ACL award not only for his clear grasp of an essential subject matter (Theology Proper and the Trinity), but also for his impressive research and writing skills in presenting it, which make his work both thought provoking and enjoyable to read. Not only is Todd a diligent seminary student, but he is also a devoted family man involved with the renowned The Navigators ministry. He and his wife open their home to Christian missionaries and military personal several times a year in an act of Christian love, discipleship, hospitality, and evangelism. Todd, a former Marine, displays consistent leadership in class with his ability to take initiative with assignments and maintain consistent communication with his professor. He has a wonderfully teachable spirit—one that is always quick to clarify or modify his positions in light of Scripture. Todd has fulfilled all the requirements prescribed for the course within the time allotted, and has demonstrated above-average competency throughout.



Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, AL—Levi Reynolds
Degree: BA
Nominated by Paul Roberts. Director of Library Services

Levi practically lives in the library. He often stops in to discuss with me (library director) how to get more information for his research projects. His professors did not hesitate when asked to name their top choice for the research award for this year. Levi's research topics caused him to delve into areas few students attempt. His attention to detail in grammar and citing sources were particularly noted.      Besides being an excellent student, Levi is a resident assistant and men's dorm Bible group leader. Often while he is in the library, he will walk around to speak with students to see where he can help them (He is great with computers.). Levi's goal is to become a Christian writer. To prepare for this position now, he often submits articles to various journals and magazines to be published. As mentioned above, the faculty were quick to nominate Levi Reynolds for this award.


Southern Wesleyan, Central, SC—Caleb Southern
Degree: BA History
Nominated by Jamey Wilkes, Reference Librarian

Caleb is a member of the Honors Program at Southern Wesleyan University. He is a frequent user of the library. Caleb works faithfully in the library. His leadership, ability, and Christian character are apparent in all he does. Caleb was nominated by Dr. Ken Myers and Professor Michael Keaton.


Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth—Matthew Harrison
Degree: PhD
Nominated by Jill Botticelli, Archivist/Special Collections Librarian

Dr. Harrison has shown exemplary historical research skills in the study of J.M. Price, one of Southwestern’s distinguished Religious Education faculty. His dedication to academic excellence has allowed him to produce work that is historically accurate and academically sound. As a researcher, Matthew has shown refined skill through thoughtful analysis of primary and secondary resources. Matthew made extensive use of institutional archives and discovered untapped materials to reinforce his writing which produced a valuable dissertation. His contribution to the field of Religious Education and our institutional history is praiseworthy. Matthew has proven to be an able instructor and is well-liked and respected by his students and peers. He is always ready and willing to help others. Matthew demonstrates impeccable character and Christ-like behavior.


Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN—Christian Keen
Degree: BA History and BA English
Nominated by Waggoner Library Faculty

Christian is able to successfully execute research papers that are 15-20 pages long with excellence and originality. She seeks to find original analysis and interpretations of significant texts; she is able to find and incorporate the works of important scholars in her papers. Her papers display the ability to write, analyze, argue, and support complex arguments with ease and persuasion.

Christian participated in the HIS 3333 FLARE course in the Fall of 2016, in which she conducted extensive historical archival research on the business and real estate dealings of Adelicia Acklen, a Nashville socialite. She and her group argued that Adelicia represented an unconventional 19th-century woman in that she ventured into the male-dominated realm of business and became incredibly wealthy. She will be presenting these findings at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research in April, 2017. She has also conducted stellar research in numerous other story courses as well.

Christian is an excellent citizen of the classroom. Her comments in the classroom reveal her commitment to her faith and also her ability to inspire others to excel in academics. Christian is pro-active in furthering her education and her career. Christian was part of a FLARE class that travelled to California to participate in a professional conference; she is the lead editor of the national literary journal, CRR. She is working as an intern that allows her to combine her interests both in English and history.

In the classroom, Christian demonstrated her ability to comprehend and critically analyze material.  Furthermore, she exhibits compassion to fellow classmates and works well with others. Christian takes a leadership role when working with the other students and delegating work in group projects.


Warner University, Lake Wales, FL—Jacob Bryan
Degree: BA Agriculture
Nominated by Sherill L. Harriger, Library Director

Jacob is a senior at Warner University where he is majoring in the Agricultural Studies program. As part of his Agricultural Practicum coursework, Jacob interned with Drs. Gene Albrigo and Manjul Dutt at the University of Florida’s Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC) in Lake Alfred, Florida. During his internship with Dr. Albrigo, he collected and assembled data for citrus water stress, fruit and tree quality and health, climate effects on citrus, and flowering and fruit development. During his internship with Dr. Dutt, he managed micro citrus (finger limes), trees grafted onto various rootstocks, extracted DNA from leaf samples, and grafted citrus trees. Jacob also interned with the Story Companies in Lake Wales, Florida, where he experienced firsthand citrus production, from the buying of land to harvesting the crop. In addition, he toured various packing houses in Polk County. Florida, to observe the post-harvest processing. He is currently interning with Citrific Nursery. At Citrific, Jacob is learning how to clone, transfer, and plant small citrus tree into small tissue boxes using a process called tissue culture. Additionally, at Citrific, Jacob established the greenhouses, from construction to the management of nursery citrus trees. In March, 2016, Jacob traveled to Honduras for a week of international agriculture study trip. This highlights Jacob’s desire to learn various production techniques to expand his knowledge base. While participating in this program, Jacob was able to talk to producers of the following commodities: dairy, beef, tropical fruits, corn, beans, and coffee. Additionally, this trip highlighted Jacob’s desire to learn about other people and their culture. "As agricultural educators at Warner University, it is our privilege to add our support in recommending Jacob Bryan for the 2017 ACL Research Award for students from the Christian Library Consortium (CLC).”  Jacob is always courteous and respectful, both to his peers and supervisors. We highly recommend Jacob Bryan for this award.