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2016 CLC Research Award Recipients

Baptist University of the Americas, San Antonio, TX—Claudia Gonzáles
Degree: Biblical and Theological Studies
Nominated by Teresa Martinez, Director of Learning Resource Center
Ms. Gonzáles is very thorough in her research. She has impressed her professors with the variety and use of sources to explain, defend, and support her positions. She is a most intelligent, thoughtful, and a hard-working student. She is consistently at the top of her class. Her GPA is 3.55. This is a remarkable achievement considering that English is not her first language. Ms. Gonzáles has been very active in her local church serving in many capacities, specifically as Sunday School Teacher for Special NeedsStudents. Ms. Gonzáles participated in mission work in Mexico and worked with an Iranian Bible study group. These volunteer activities demonstrate her commitment to Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She is conscientious, hard-working, and dedicated to serving others. Ms. Gonzáles is admired and liked by both faculty and students.
Baptist University of the Americas, San Antonio, TX—Debbie Gonzáles
Degree: BA Music
Nominated by Teresa Martinez, Director of Learning Resource Center
Ms. Gonzáles seems to enjoy the research process and it shows in her papers. She uses extensive sources and knows how to defend and support her position. Ms. Gonzáles proves her commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ through volunteer work. She is involved in various ministries; such as Kingsborough Ridge Baptist Church, VITAS Hospice Center, Rape Crisis Center, Christian Women Job Corp, Salvation Army, and Burnet Elementary School Adopt a Child Program. Her commitment to serving those in need is evidence of her deep devotion to our God. Ms. Gonzáles has a high GPA and is always a prepared student. She participates in class discussion. As a natural leader, students gravitate to her when there are class projects. Ms. Gonzáles is highly praised by faculty and students.
Eston College, Eston, SK, Canada—Nathan Tymos
Degree: BA Christian Studies 
Nominated by Bronwen Myers, Librarian
Nathan does complete research and consistently looks for the best quality resources in completing his assignments. Nathan is involved in student leadership, he assists and mentors other students. The Eston College faculty has unanimously approved Nathan and is proud of his accomplishments.
Grace College and Theological Seminary College, Winona Lake, IN—Nathaniel Harley
Degree: MA Intercultural Studies
Nominated by Tonya Fawcett, Library Director
Nate does very fine research and reporting on the research. He gives serious thought to details and the relevance for each research project. He did very well in his intercultural ministry classes. Nate has demonstrated leadership ability on two internships for his major. He served abroad with a national church in Uruguay. Stateside, he has served in a church in Wooster, Ohio. In both cases, the supervisors gave him the highest ratings in leading ministries. Nate has been thoroughly endorsed by our faculty to receive the ACL/CLC Research Award.
Grace College and Theological Seminary College, Winona Lake, IN—Mary Wick
Degree: BA Political Science/Social Science Education & History
Nominated by Tonya Fawcett, Library Director
Mary has consistently demonstrated good research skills and use of sources throughout her time at Grace by using both primary and secondary historical sources. Mary has shown leadership through involvement in Relics, our campus history club, and also through participation in classes. Her character is exemplary and she recently completed her student teaching with high marks. Dr. Jared Burkholder,Mary’s academic advisor, has provided his full approval for awarding the ACL/CLC Research Award to Mary.
Louisiana College, Pineville, LA—Hillary R Husband
Degree: BS Chemistry
Nominated by W. Terry Martin, Director of Library Services
Hillary Husband took a chemistry research internship at the University Of Notre Dame in the summer of 2014. Her funding came from the Louisiana Board of Regents’ Supervised Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) grant. She worked in the Kandel Laboratory, a group led by Dr. S. Alex Kandel that centers on Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) imaging. Hillary was assigned to two research projects under Dr. Kandel—one involving the study of nido-carborane under STM and the other involving ferrocenecarboxylic acid under infrared spectroscopy (IR). Hillary presented a poster at the Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium and then later that semester she presented her project on images of nido-carborane at the 2014 Southwest Regional American Chemical Society. Hillary Husband is active on campus in many areas. Throughout college, she has tutored her peers and high school students in various chemistry and math classes. In the community, Hillary is an active member of her church, The Gathering Place, in Pineville. She has been a member of the American Chemical Society for 2 years. She advocates for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Be the Match by sharing her story of overcoming leukemia and lymphoma in high school and college. She is also a volunteer for the wish-granting organization Dreams Come True of Louisiana. Hillary Husband wrote a research paper on the diet outlined in Deuteronomy 8, known as the Promised Land diet. Hillary’s nomination was approved by representatives from all Academic areas serving on the Academic Council.
Manhattan Christian College, Manhattan, KS—Alex Blechle
Degree: BA Bible and Leadership Theological Research
Nominated by Mary Ann Buhler, Librarian
As a requirement of his major, Alex has completed several research projects during his time at Manhattan Christian College. Further, Alex has gone above and beyond to understand the research process and to improve himself as a researcher. He plans to continue on for a Master's degree and doctorate in the future. Alex recognizes the importance of research, not only for his studies, but also for his personal and spiritual development. Alex has been involved at Manhattan Christian College in several different areas. For the past three years, he has served as a peer tutor. For his first two years, tutors served solely as volunteers. This year, tutors are paid, but Alex has also volunteered additional hours, allowing the tutoring center to be open longer hours. Alex has been an exceptional resource to his peers for completing various research projects and other assignments. This semester, Alex is a peer/minister intern at his church. He has led meetings and retreats in addition to getting to know other college students and meeting with them on an individual basis. Alex has a heart for those around him to grow as students and as Christians.
North Central University, Minneapolis, MN—Dustin T. Pravecek
Degree: Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Nominated by Justin J. Evans, Reference Librarian
Dustin displays extraordinary research skills beyond what is required at the undergraduate level. He is interacting with and synthesizing research into a coherent and productive thesis. He has made exceptional use of library resources available to him, finding impeccable resources to support his analysis. Dustin has been an outstanding example of Christian character on campus. He has been a leader academically, as well as vocationally, as he works in his field at a Christian rehabilitation program. He serves as a mentor and supervisor to other students and in all things displays excellence. Dustin has demonstrated his ability to conduct and write research reports while a student in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department to a high degree of professionalism and expertise. His work is consistently superior and exacting in method. His senior project rival the research conducted by doctoral level graduate students and is worthy of publication in professional journals of psychology.
Nyack College, Nyack, NY—Valentina Pschenichnaya
Degree: BA Biblical and Theological Studies
Nominated by Linda Poston, Dean of Library Services
Valentina has demonstrated a very notable maturity in her ability to choose sources relevant to whatevertopic she is pursuing. Whereas most students are content with the smallest number of sources possible, Valentina goes above and beyond, reading and studying a wide variety of sources spanning a spectrum of thought. She then shows her maturity again through her excellent reasoning abilities, synthesizing her sources and analyzing them quite creatively. It was for these reasons that Linda Poston co-authored a paper with Valentina that was co-presented in Boston, MA at the northeast regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. Valentina has been very involved in the activities of the Bible and Theological Department, having arranged departmental get-togethers at various times. She has also worked for several semesters as a tutor for the Division of Academic Success. As an international student, she has been involved in several international student functions.
Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais, IL—Jamie Neven
Degree: BA Dietetics
Nominated by Pamela Greenlee, Research Librarian
Jamie Neven is a competitive, nationally ranked, barrel racer. She has seen first-hand evidence that food offered to participants at equestrian events is nutritionally deficient and that competitors lack nutritional knowledge. Her Senior Research project, “Food Deserts in Equine Sports” is designed to draw attention to these deficiencies and to demonstrate the value that a registered dietitian can bring to this unique community. During her undergraduate years, Jamie has continued barrel race competition across the country. She has been honored on the Dean's List every semester. Jamie serves as president of the Student Dietetic Association and worked with that organization to develop a book of low cost, WIC approved, kid-friendly recipes that the local YWCA offers to parents. She is a member of Kappa Delta Rho (Family & Consumer Science Honor Society). She is involved in volunteer activities, one of which is preparing and packaging food twice a week at Stella Bear Foods. Jamie was recommended by her research advisor, Dr. Catherine Anstrom, FACS, Olivet Nazarene University.
Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais, IL—Justine Von Arb
Degree: BA
Nominated by Pamela Greenlee, Research Librarian
Justine is working on two research projects. Her University Honors project, "The Changing Nature of Catastrophe: A History of Semantic Shift" traces the evolution of the meaning of the word catastrophe. Justine presented this paper at the 2015 Social Science History Conference in Baltimore, MD. For Departmental Honors her project, "Three Removes from Truth: The Motif of Technologically Reproduced Images in Literature," traces the motif of photography and daguerreotypes in literature. Justine currently serves as president of both Sigma Tau Delta, Tau Theta Chapter, and of Phi Alpha Theta, Nu Zeta Chapter. She is a flute section leader in ONU's marching band and is band vice-president. Justine serves at Westwood Oaks, a retirement facility, playing the flute for their biweekly church services. She has been a teaching assistant for the English and Modem Languages Department for three years. She travelled with Dr. Belcher in Burkina Faso teaching and tutoring at the University of Ouagadougou. From her English Professor: "Most importantly, Justine has a strong, solid faith in Christ. In Africa, she was one who always had a calming word, a statement of faith that helped other team members (and even this team leader). Her prayers lift others to the throne of grace in a way that is not usual in one so young. She is the perfect example of a young person who has integrated faith and knowledge. She has accomplished much academically and socially here at Olivet, but she demonstrates no pride of self; she reflects her Savior in all that she accomplishes.
Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY—Nicki Denny
Degree: BS Organizational Management
Nominated by Esther Gillie, Director of Library Services
Ms. Nicki Denny is a self-starting, self-motivated, and very capable Undergraduate Research student. The project, The Impact of Compensation, Career Advancement, and Communication on Employee Retention was based in a small to medium size company. The researcher was not connected to the company. A site contact was established. The research problem was clearly stated. The Literature Review was well organized. The methodology was thorough and appropriate. A self-developed survey was created by the researcher. Results were clearly stated. Recommendations and Conclusions followed the data. Limitations of the project were clearly stated. The Research Project was well written, appropriately organized, easy to read and follow, and used proper APA documentation and citations. Ms. Denny demonstrated scholarly work by continually seeking secondary works to support the research. Ms. Denny helped other students to understand her research process and helped those students to complete their research. Ms. Denny modeled followership behavior by seeking advice from fellow students. Ms. Denny showed leadership by tirelessly problem solving with others in critically thinking about their research projects, surveys, and research questions. During class time, Ms. Denny continually offered insights to concepts presented by the instructor and by fellow students. Ms. Denny was always very kind, helpful to others, and sympathetic to fellow students concerns.
San Diego Christian College, Santee, CA—Lexie de los Santos
Degree: English
Nominated by Ruth Martin, Director of Library Services
Lexie has consistently proven herself as an exceptional researcher. Her work is thorough, insightful, and significant. Her writing is articulate, free of serious error, and exemplary in its employment of MLA style. She has been a model student in her diligence and work ethic. She is a gifted writer, both academically and creatively. Lexie is both insightful and unflinching in addressing issues in the church and the world as a whole. She has served as a writing tutor since her sophomore year.
Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, AL—Megan Krueger
Degree: BA
Nominated by Paul A. Roberts, Director of Library Services
Megan is a "regular" library user who does not wait until the last minute to gather resources for assignments. Faculty remark that Megan goes the extra mile in choosing quality sources and truly utilizing her skills in answering the questions of the assignment. Whether in the classroom taking notes, or leading worship in chapel, Megan is an example that Southeastern points to as the kind of student who has captured the essence of what we are trying to achieve with every student. Although a shy young woman, Megan is open to be used of God for His service. Megan was chosen by the faculty to receive this award.
Southern California Seminary, El Cajon, CA—Esteban Tapia
Degree: BABS
Nominated by Jennifer Ewing, Library Director
Esteban consistently produces well-researched papers, utilizing scholarly sources which are always relevant to the subject matter and challenging to his growth in the knowledge of the subject matter. He correctly utilizes Turabian formatting, referencing, and in-text citations. Though English is his second language, his critical thinking skills are exhibited with excellence in every written assignment, as well as in classroom discussions. Esteban’s respect for opposing views is always treated with the strength and humility of a true Christian leader, both in his occupation as a pastor and as a graduating senior amongst his academic peers. During his academic studies here at SCS, Esteban has earned the respect and approval of the entire faculty.
Southern Wesleyan University, Central, SC—Zach Ford
Degree: BA History 
Nominated by Jamey Wilkes, Reference Librarian
Zach has been at Southern Wesleyan for the last four years and he has proven himself to be an excellent student, as well as a person of good character. He is one of our hardest working undergraduates. Zach has participated in the Honors Program at Southern Wesleyan, winning a grant from SCICU to further his research. He used this grant funding to travel throughout the southeast, researching the history of southern plantations for his honors’ research paper. Zach is skilled at research, not only via traditional means, but he has also proven to be an excellent field researcher. Zach was nominated by Michael P. Keaton, Professor of History at Southern Wesleyan University.
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, TX—Terry Christian
Degree: MA Theology 
Nominated by Dr. J. Craig Kubic, Dean of Libraries
Ms. Christian has shown exemplary historical research skills in the study of 18th Century Baptists. Her
dedication to academic excellence and steadfast faith has allowed her to produce work that is historically accurate and academically stimulating. As a researcher, she continues to build on the skills she has obtained through thoughtful analysis of primary and secondary resources. In addition to use of our institutional archives, she has traveled to review primary documents at related historical societies and other academic libraries. Terry has valuable academic instincts and a natural curiosity that has led to an as-yet- unstudied area of Baptist history that we feel confident will prove beneficial to future research. Terry is a student well respected by faculty and peers. She is always ready and available to help others and has shown a great aptitude for instruction. Terry’s positive disposition and servant’s heart make her a joy to interact with and also reflects her desire to emulate Christ. Terry has presented to local churches on the topic of Church history making use of our SWBTS Archive material. Terry will complete this degree and begin the PHD program immediately. She certainly meets faculty approval in all her work at the seminary. She is also a vital and trusted Library Staff member serving the Archives & Special Collections under the direction of Mrs. Jill Botticelli, who also recommends her.
Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN—Jessica Della Anne Walters
Degree: BS Communications Studies
Nominated by Waggoner Library Faculty
Jessy has done exceptional work in all of her course projects. Her best work was in the capstone Senior Project. The project was submitted and accepted for presentation at the upcoming National Conference on Undergraduate Research. This marks the first time a Trevecca student has been selected to present at the annual conference. Walters’ research project was chosen from among more than 4,000 applications from all over the country. Walters’ project, “I’ll Make a Man out of You: An Analysis of Masculine Gender Roles in Disney Animated Films,” examines the messages being conveyed to young men through popular Disney movies. Jessy will be inducted at the end of April into our Zeta Kappa chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the undergraduate honor society of the National Communication Association. Beyond her scholarship she has demonstrated exceptional interpersonal and leadership communication skills. Her Christian witness and character is impeccable. Walters, a senior, will graduate in May. She plans to pursue a career in journalism. Jessica has taken most of her major coursework with Drs. Welch and Lepter and Professor Jo Ellen Weedman. All are enthusiastic  supporters of her nomination. Waggoner Library Faculty chose this candidate from the nominations submitted for the award at the Bachelor’s degree level.
Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN—Ben Neth
Degree: MA Science of Medicine
Nominated by Waggoner Library Faculty

Ben Neth came to Trevecca with a strong background in medical research. He participated in translational research in metabolism and played an integral role in clinical research in rheumatology with Dr. Michael Strachan at Premier Health Care Associates in Richmond, Virginia. Ben skillfully completed his master’s research project entitled “Effect Of Mechanical Thrombectomy In Ischemic Stroke.” He wrote a critical review of this topic of significant clinical importance. Stroke is increasingly prevalent in the United States and is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality. Ben successfully analyzed recent studies comparing mechanical thrombus removal from the cerebral circulation to the standard of care pharmacotherapy regimen for ischemic stroke. Ben’s in-depth and thorough analysis highlighted many important strengths and weaknesses of the studies. Applying his analysis regarding the overall validity of the studies to patient care, he made excellent, well-defended conclusions. Ben also skillfully related the importance of the findings to changes that will occur in the landscape of medical care in the United States and worldwide due to the validated use of this therapy to improve outcomes in certain patients with ischemic stroke. Ben also proposed crucial questions about mechanical thrombectomy that should be investigated in the future. In addition to excelling academically, Ben seeks to serve God through service to others. He has volunteered for many hours in medical care serving those in need. He has also been a leader in his church, serving as a Sunday school teacher and music director at the All Nations Church of the Nazarene. Though his life and work, Ben has said he hopes to “restore hope, healing, and life to others.”

Warner University, Lake Wales, FL—Michael Cassidy
Degree: Social Work
Nominated by Sherrill L. Harriger, Library Director
Michael (Mickey) Cassidy has a true passion for research, which is, unfortunately, rare in the social work field. Research papers are required in almost every class and Mickey always went beyond the course requirements, teacher expectations, and peer norms when researching and writing papers. He truly seems to understand, grasp, and embrace the topic of scholarly research related to his chosen field. This level of excellence moved to an even higher level when in 2015, Mickey took a class called “Methods of Social Research.” During this class he had the task of completing multiple actual research projects. According to faculty member, Jeff Bachelder, “Mickey’s projects were much more detailed than any other student at this level. He took sincere joy in these research activities and in my opinion, did them at a MA level.” Mickey is clearly seen by his peers as a leader. He is a champion athlete on the track team, as well. Mickey maintains a high GPA and is a strong Christian leader who volunteers in many avenues to strengthen the body of Christ. He has served two years as a volunteer with Centerpoint Church in Lake Wales and has earned the respect of the students and the youth pastor. He has been asked to preach/lead the lesson at that venue several times and has reportedly done quite well. The entire social work faculty wholeheartedly endorse Michael Cassidy (Mickey) for this award.
Warner University, Lake Wales, FL—Kaylee Norris
Degree: Agricultural Studies
Nominated by Sherrill L. Harriger, Library Director
Kaylee, a senior at Warner University, is majoring in Agricultural Studies. As part of her coursework, she interned with Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery in Frostproof, Florida, where she performed EP tests on cuttings to determine sodium content of the soil, as well as conducting fertilizer content and quality experiments. While interning at Kathleen High School Agricultural Department in Lakeland, Florida, she learned classroom management techniques, constructed lesson plans, and gave lectures. Additionally, she worked with FFA members competing in Career Development competitions. Prior to graduation, she has been hired by Highlands Precision Ag to work with their state-of- the-art precision agricultural technologies in supporting growers with tools to make accurate and timely crop decisions. She works directly with growers to view the image sets captured by infrared cameras and processes the data after each drone flight. Kaylee has held various high leadership positions at Warner Collegiate FFA Chapter. She was also a Warner University Presidential Ambassador. Kaylee has served in the American FFA, Florida FFA, as Polk County Federation reporter, Star Chapter Greenhand, and Winner of Prepared Public Speaking District. Kaylee is one of the most studious students that we have had the privilege to teach at Warner University. As agricultural educators, it is our privilege to add our support in recommending Kaylee for this award.
Warner University, Lake Wales, FL—Sandra Santana
Degree: MA Education
Nominated by Sherrill L. Harriger, Library Director
For her Master’s Thesis, Sandra has delved into the role of parenting in student academic and social success. She has integrated research from a wide base of theorists and meshed them into a grounding for her own input into the question of parental involvement. She has drawn on both focused research and meta-analysis. For her own part, Sandra has developed Likert-scale questionnaires for parents and teachers. Although she had a small sample to work with, her results are promising for Head-Start programs. As a graduate candidate in the Master of Arts in Education Program, Sandra has proven to be an outstanding individual with a very positive attitude toward life. In addition, she possesses excellent research and writing skills and consistently demonstrates a great motivation to excel. These qualities are apparent in her strong leadership, Christian character, and high level of professionalism and personal integrity that she displays. Sandra not only verbally encourages her classmates in and outside of class, by also consistently lifts them up in prayer. Sandra’s nomination for this research award was voted on and approved by all full-time MAED faculty in the Warner Teacher Education Department.