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2015 CLC Research Award Recipients

Grace University, Omaha, NE—Steven Meckle
Degree: MA Christian Ministry
Nominated by Ben Brick, Library Director

Steven has made the most of coursework research opportunities, both choosing significant subjects and utilizing a wide range of tools and sources in his study and writing, engaging with and helpfully assessing a variety of viewpoints as he arrived at his own conclusions on interpretive questions and theological issues. Steven combines strong faith with curiosity and an openness to learn, as well as an openness to sharing areas of personal struggle and concern. He is thoughtful both as a student and as a graduate assistant. As the Grad Assistant to Dr. Linder, he has offered useful suggestions to him in light of what he perceived in the work of students, identifying areas where they were struggling and what they were learning, which showed the insight and attention to detail he applied to the task of grading. He has a firm and joyful spirit and demeanor. Steven has demonstrated consistency in his godly walk on campus as an undergraduate, as a spiritual role model, as leader for the soccer team, and as a graduate assistant. His time in the Army, including a deployment during his schooling, brought some personal maturity and perspective that helped as he finished his bachelor’s degree and he began his graduate work. Steven has put a lot of effort into leading the soccer team Bible study. He has managed his young household well, and after he and Kayleen have finished their programs, Steven will be well on his way to continuing in ministry in his home church in North Dakota.

Louisiana College, Pineville, LA—Connor Headrick
Degree: BA History
Nominated by W. Terry Martin, Director of Library Services/Professor of Library Services

Connor has mastered the methods of historical research. During his academic career at Louisiana College, he has investigated a diverse range of historical topics–medieval military technology and tactics, British political philosophy, colonialism in New Spain, the Battle of Olustee in the American Civil War, and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, to name a few. One of Connor’s strengths is his ability to find and use primary sources (the lifeblood of historical research) in his papers. He creates historical arguments and effectively supports them with relevant evidence. His writing style is clear and sophisticated. Connor is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, the national historical honor society, and is active in serving the college community as a delegate to the Student Government Association and as Class President and Treasurer. Over the past summer, Connor completed an internship with the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., and he currently works for a local law firm as a research assistant. He consistently demonstrates strong moral character and exemplifies the mission of the college to pursue academic excellence for the glory of God and to change the world through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Nyack College, Nyack, NY—Pamela Code
Degree: Double Major: BS Business Administration/Marketing & BA Religious Studies
Nominated by Linda Poston, Dean of Library Services 

Pamela is a strong critical thinker, particularly passionate about applied learning and the practical implications of knowledge. She demonstrates a solid capacity to read, comprehend, and analyze. Pamela stays regularly up-to-date on current events relevant to course work and research interests. She has participated in extra-curricular academic activities, including co-writing and co-presenting a paper twice at academic conferences. She has served as intern with the Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement for almost two years. She is a responsible lady who enjoys being a team leader and a team player with great integrity. She is the intern in charge of recruiting students on campus to serve as moderators at different academic events organized by the Center. Pamela is always willing to share her knowledge and discoveries and she is always interested in learning new things.

San Diego Christian College, Santee, CA—Joseph Downing
Degree: BS Biology
Nominated by the Library Committee

Mr. Joseph Downing has demonstrated servant leadership during his years at San Diego Christian College. He works well with others and was often chosen by his peers as a group leader. Joe’s skills in scientific analysis has grown since his first research projects. His culminating achievement in research was his capstone paper: A Review of Brain Fingerprinting: The Polygraph (Methods for Detection on Deception): History, Methodology, Applications, Accuracy and Countermeasures. His professor writes:  This paper was well researched as evidenced by his extensive list of references. It was well written as evidenced by the lack of style errors and his use of varying and advanced sentence structure. The focus of his paper was to describe a new method of lie detection by “brain fingerprinting” in which a subject is exposed to information which may or may not be familiar in order to determine the recognition response which permits the investigator to evaluate the response. In addition to discussing “brain fingerprinting,” Joe compared this technique to the well-known technique of lie-detector testing.

South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS), Bangalore, India—Philip Blesson Philipose
Degree: MTh Theology and Ethics
Nominated by Yesan Sellan, Chief Librarian

Philip Blesson Philipose is an excellent student. His recent paper, "A Critical Exploration of Onto-Relational Atonement through the Work of Thomas F. Torrance" shows diligence in research that explores an onto-relational theology of atonement, with a special focus on integrating the transactional and relational aspects of atonement. The traditional theories of atonement favor a transactional approach, especially Penal Substation. Though in recent times, a relational approach to atonement has emerged. Using Thomas F. Torrance's work, this research shows that transactional atonement can be held together with relational views of atonement, using the "Onto-Relational" category. For the most part, the researcher agrees with Torrance, though because of his application to the Pentecostal churches in Northern India, he further emphasizes the role of the Holy Spirit. Blesson is not only an exceptional student: his academic standards have in no way diminished his contribution to the community life of SAIACS. He has displayed exemplary leadership skills and has maintained a high ethical conduct throughout his two years here.

Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL—Leslie Robinson
Degree: BS Music Education
Nominated by Amy Harris, Assistant Library Director

Miss Robinson began making contributions toward her field of music by studying various Protestant Christian communities from the 17th and 18th centuries in America. Her ultimate goal was to synthesize the connections she made between early American music and the techniques employed by other recent composers to write a unique composition that reflected early American music influences. Miss Robinson excelled in research throughout her academic career and, most recently, during her Introduction to the Honors Thesis course in her junior year. She demonstrated a commitment to excellence in research, using 54 sources in her undergraduate Honors thesis. Through three semesters she pursued her goal with determination and endurance. In the end, Miss Robinson produced an Honors thesis and an original musical work which was performed at her senior recital. Miss Robinson demonstrated leadership by her example in the Honors program. She set high standards for herself, for her research and writing, and for music. These qualities were apparent to other students in the program. She took her Honors thesis to a higher level by not only writing the thesis, but by then using that knowledge to write an original musical work and led the ensemble that performed it at her senior recital.

Southern California Seminary, El Cajon, CA—Preston Juarez
Degree: BA Biblical Studies
Nominated by Jennifer Ewing, Library Director

Preston consistently produces well researched papers, utilizing scholarly sources which are always relevant to the subject matter and challenging to his growth in knowledge of the subject matter. He correctly utilizes Turabian formatting, referencing, and in-text citations. His critical thinking skills are exhibited in written assignments, as well as, classroom discussions. Preston’s respect for opposing views is always treated with the strength and humility of a true Christian leader.


Southern Wesleyan, Central, SC—Courtney Williams
Degree: BS Science
Nominated by Jamey Wilkes, Reference Librarian 

Over the last two years, Courtney has worked toward the completion of her Honors Research Project, “The Effects of Dopamine on Tachyzoite to Bradyzoite Conversion in Toxaplasm gondii.” She understands the nature of research and can conceptualize a research problem, state it clearly, and identify the type and scope of information necessary to explain the process. In all her activities, Courtney displays wisdom and leadership among her peers.

Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN—Melinda Zych
Degree: Masters of Science in Medicine
Nominated by Beth Purtee, Librarian

Mindy excellently completed her Master’s Research Project entitled “Underuse of Anticoagulation in Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation,” in which she wrote a critical review of this topic with significant clinical importance. She effectively analyzed recent studies comparing the use of the longstanding standard of care drug, warfarin, with use of the new anticoagulant, rivaroxaban. Mindy’s analysis was thorough and she made well-defended conclusions regarding the validity of the studies. She also proposed crucial future questions that should be investigated in relation to the implementation of rivaroxaban therapy in the widespread clinical setting. Mindy shared her findings in an outstanding presentation for students and faculty. Mindy has a heart for service. She served on a medical mission trip to Honduras where she was able to provide medical care for underserved rural villages around Rio Viejo. She looks forward to entering the physician assistant profession in which she will be able to provide comfort and care to those in need. Mindy has been an excellent student to have in the PA program, appreciated by students and faculty alike for her positive attitude and friendly personality.

Southern Wesleyan, Central, SC—Nikki Hanson
Degree: MA Business Administration
Nominated by Jamey Wilkes, Reference Librarian 

Nikki integrates good quality research into her academic work. She demonstrates excellence in leadership, ability, and Christian character in all endeavors.

Warner University, Lake Wales, FL—Danielle Sprague
Degree: Agricultural Studies
Nominated by Sherrill L. Harriger, Library Director

As part of her Agricultural Practicum coursework, Danielle interned with Dow AgroSciences during the summer after her junior year and has continued to work with them during her senior year. Her specific duties include working alongside research scientists in identifying pests in the citrus industry and developing pest control procedures. Danielle is very interested in Entomology and all aspects of dealing with insect pests. Due to the problem of citrus greening disease in Florida, she is looking forward to working with professors and scientists on how to manage citrus psyllids and HLB pathogen, and to hopefully contribute to the control of this disease in the near future. Danielle also completed a practicum with the Greening and Canker Extension Education Coordinator at the University of Florida’s Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred, Florida and a practicum with the Commercial Citrus Extension Agent with the University of Florida’s Polk County Extension Services in Bartow, Florida. Danielle is always very courteous and respectful, both to her peers and to her supervisors. She is one of the most studious students that we have had the privilege to teach at Warner University. Danielle is a member of the Warner Collegiate FFA Chapter and has been chosen to represent Warner University as a student ambassador. She traveled to the National FFA Convention as a student recruiter and has graciously server in other community service projects as Warner University Collegiate FFA Secretary (2014-2015) and Treasurer (2013-2014). She was and continues to be a recipient of the Gulf Citrus Growers Association Scholarship (2013-2015).

Warner University, Lake Wales, FL—Erika Falcao
Degree: Business Administration: Accounting
Nominated by Sherrill L. Harriger, Library Director

Erika demonstrates an exemplary ability to synthesize literature and effectively communicate her findings to expand upon a body of knowledge. In particular, as a Business Administration student, she recently wrote a research paper titled, “Motivation in the Workplace.” The depth and breadth of knowledge that was share through her research and presentation contributed substantially to the topic of management. Erika is an outstanding student. The Business Administration program recently implemented a Journal of Leadership and Management for the purpose of collecting and sharing outstanding research papers written by the students of Warner University. Erika’s research was selected to be included in the journal. Her persistence and encouragement was a tremendous motivational factor in establishing the Journal of Leadership and Management. She personally stepped forward and volunteered to edit the research of her peers to ensure that the Business Administration Department would have the volume of work that was print worthy. Her love for Christ is evident in her character of showing love and compassion for others.