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2014 CLC Research Award Recipients

Fifteen students were honored at our CLC institutions this spring and summer by receiving the seventh annual ACL Research Award. This award recognized the students for excellence in research as well as for a demonstrated record of leadership, ability, and character. Each student received a certificate from ACL, presented to them at their institutional awards ceremonies. The recipients of this year's awards are:

Carolina Christian College, Winston-Salem, NC—Tonya Jordan

Nominated by Laura Rhoden, Librarian

Tonya understands the nature of research and can conceptualize a research problem, state it clearly, and identify the type and scope of information necessary to solve the problem. She does not rely heavily on Internet sources to support her argument; rather, Tonya evaluates the resources critically and diligently seeks data from reliable sources. Tonya has served as a student representative on committees at Carolina Christian College; she is always willing to serve and freely gives of her time to help her fellow students. She goes above and beyond to apply her class learning to her ministry context. For example, she researched ways to improve the Food Pantry ministry in her church and presented it to the church leaders.

Carolina Christian College, Winston-Salem, NC—Keith Vereen

Nominated by Laura Rhoden, Librarian

Keith understands the nature of research and can conceptualize a research problem, state it clearly, and identify the type and scope of information necessary to solve the problem. Keith evaluates information effectively, organizes it well, and applies the information to his research problem. He selects quality primary sources, peer-reviewed articles and books to argue and support his position. Keith always presents his best work to his professors and takes responsibility for errors. He goes out of his way to encourage his fellow classmates, as well as his instructors. Keith applies what he is learning in class to his ministry context. He is a servant leader in his church, even taking charge of his church’s ministry when his church needed direction.

Carolina Christian College, Winston-Salem NC—Debra Jeter

Nominated by Laura Rhoden, Librarian

Debra understands the nature of research and can conceptualize a research problem, state it clearly, and identify the type and scope of information necessary to solve the problem. She’s able to find the necessary information using appropriate tools, such as a database. She chooses the best information to argue and support her position. Debra leads by example and she demonstrates the highest integrity. She is conscientious about the quality of her work and is committed and dedicated to her education. She participates in college committees, such as student representative, and applies what she learns in class to her ministry context. She selflessly helps other students with their assignments.

Grace College and Seminary, Winona Lake, IN—Benjamin Hyde

Nominated by Tonya L. Fawcett, Director

Ben has proven to be a student who consistently excels in research and understands the theory and practice of using libraries and archives. The paper Ben submitted is a condensed version of his capstone thesis, which was written as a culmination of his requirements for his history major. Ben utilized not only resources available to him here on campus and through the Morgan library’s catalog and databases, but traveled to Cleveland to do on-site research at local libraries there. Ben’s has been a leader on our campus in the area of Christian service initiatives, helping to guide service teams of students in the local community. Ben’s motivation for writing a paper on the history of Cleveland was rooted in his desire to understand the context and problems of urban life in America. Ben has already been accepted to the Memphis Teacher Residency Program, a highly competitive program that places teachers in urban education settings in the Memphis area. Ben will begin this next chapter of his life upon graduation this May.

Grace University, Omaha, NE—Cassandra Crowe

Nominated by Ben Brick, Library Director

Cassandra has done excellent work in her action research project, which is the capstone of her grad work. She has been diligent in finding a research topic and then following through with the work to develop it. Cassie’s heart’s desire has always been to first and foremost to serve the Lord in any opportunity that He provides. She demonstrated this while on campus, in classroom discussions, and in public school classrooms. Cassie is an excellent example of the kind of student who fulfills the mission statement of Grace University.

John Brown University, Siloam Springs, AR—Lilli-Anna Baca

Nominated by Mary Habermas, Director of Library Services

Lilli-Anna collaborated with the library faculty at the University to fulfill the research requirement of her degree. The goal of her research was to measure the effect of library orientation sessions on students enrolled in Old Testament Survey, a required course for freshman. After a semester of collecting data by pre- and post-tests of students who attended the orientation session, Lilli-Anna conducted statistical analysis. These tests revealed an increase in student knowledge of the library, comfort in asking for help, and confidence in effectively using library resources. Due to her research, the library was able to demonstrate positive results for the library orientation program and share those results with the Bible faculty and administrators. Lilli-Anna will also share her results with the entire JBU community during the annual JBU Celebration of Academic Excellence in April. While at JBU, Lilli-Anna has shown leadership skills by participating in the Air Force ROTC program and serving as president of the Psi Chi chapter. As a Christian, Lilli-Anna desires to do quality work when given a task and hopes that her example will bring glory to God.

Louisiana College, Pineville, LA—Kara Parikh

Nominated by W. Terry Martin, Director of Library Services/Professor of Library Services

Kara is a senior Smith Scholarship recipient who has been involved in research as an undergraduate, has maintained a quality academic record, and has already received her acceptance into medical school. Over the last year, Kara partnered with two medical doctors to collaborate and conduct orthopedic research. Kara was the only undergraduate to present a paper at a recent professional symposium. Kara did an excellent job in research and in her presentation. Kara is also the founder and project leader for Project Guatemala, in which she organizing a team of pre-med students, doctors, and nurses to establish medical clinics at orphanages in Guatemala City. She also serves as medical Outreach Director for Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Honors Society, teaches at-risk elementary children at the Main Street Baptist Mission, and is the currently senior class president and Board Secretary for Louisiana College Student Government Association.

Manhattan Christian College, Manhattan, KS—James E. Sovick

Nominated by Mary Ann Buhler, Director of Library Services

James is one of a number of veteran who have returned to school after service. Most of these veterans are committed to their education and set a high standard for study and research. James is one of the best students at Manhattan Christian College in the area of research. Not only does he do excellent research for required assignments, but he also does personal research on in areas that have to come to mind in the course of class or informal discussions. James demonstrates excellent leadership skills and presently is involved in a hospital chaplaincy program. Other students respect him as a leader and a man of integrity. He is conversant with all ages and loves a good debate. James has also been a valuable worker in the MCC Library, helping students with their library needs and training other student workers.

Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY—Christopher Sullivan

Nominated by Alfred C. Krober, Director of Library Services

Christopher will graduate this spring with an MA from Northeastern Seminary located on the campus of Roberts Wesleyan College. Christopher is a great researcher. Last semester he researched and developed lessons for several classes and led three review sessions to help students prepare for tests. Christopher expressed an interest in presenting a paper at an academic conference. His level of research and choice of resources was impressive. He utilized several highly specialized tools with ease and developed a compelling thesis. Christopher has a knack for research, which, when coupled with his natural curiosity for the subject, makes him an excellent candidate for this award. Christopher was an asset in the classroom, always going the extra mile for students. He worked hard to connect with the students under his tutelage, taking time to have conversations and answer questions. He handled himself professionally, yet connected with students personally.

San Diego Christian College, Santee, CA—Juliette Holder

Nominated by Ruth Martin, Director of Library Services

Juliette consistently produces extensively researched papers, utilizing scholarly sources in ways not only relevant to her subject matter, but that challenge her to extend her realm of knowledge. She correctly utilizes MLA formatting, referencing, and in-text citations. Juliette has served as a tutor for the SDC Writing Lab, as a small group leader, event planner, and women’s ministry coordinator. She oversaw and founded with a fellow student the Allied Partnership Program, an accountability/discipleship ministry in 2012. Las summer, Juliette successfully worked as the writing/publishing intern for Global Mapping International, a ministry based in Colorado. While there she wrote the social media guide and the company’s annual report and helped launch their Infographic services.

South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS), Bangalore, India—Joe Thomas Abraham

Nominated by Yesan Sellan, Chief Librarian

Joe Thomas Abraham wrote a thesis on the relation between theology and ethics in Paul’s letter to Galatians. He considered the variegated views of classical reformation scholars, the new perspective and post new perspective camps and subjects these to an exegetical evaluation. The doctrine of justification is argued from a covenantal base and endorsed as integral to the ethical sections of the letter. He reads the works of the law as an inclusive concept and explains faith in the finished work of the Messiah, as well as the experience of the Spirit as identity markers of the new covenant people of God. Paul rejects the centrality of the Law in this regard through his apocalyptic and salvation-historical understanding of the Christ event. On the whole, Joe established that the doctrine of justification is not an ethically barren subject, but integral to Paul’s new covenant ethics. This is particularly applied to the Pentecostal movement in India where caste-based denominational structuring, gender biases leading to the exclusion of women from ministry, enthusiasm crouched in shallow discipleship, and prosperity devoid of ethics have eroded the credibility of the movement. Joe seeks to recover the force of an integral reading of Galatians for the contemporary church in India. Joe Thomas is an excellent organizer. He mentors small groups, holds the team of players together and scoring in the cricket field, prays with the weak, and motivates the timid in the class. His home is open to fellow students and the community. Joe has demonstrated excellent pastoral skills.

Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, AL—David Harrison

Nominated by Paul Roberts, Director of Library Services

David is an avid reader. Not only does he read the required material for class assignments, but he seeks out the suggested additional reading materials. When it comes to researching a topic, David is not satisfied until he has thoroughly immersed himself in the topic. He often avails himself of interlibrary loan, borrowing additional materials for his research. David is often in the library, helping his fellow classmates find maters for research topics. David humbly shares his knowledge with those who ask. Students seek out take for help and he takes the time to guide them through their needs.

Southern Wesleyan University, Central, SC—Gordon Overholtzer

Nominated by Jamey Wilkes, Reference Librarian

Gordon wrote a thorough literature review on video games and aggression. His nominating professor said, “I have never seen a student with such a passion and strong grasp of research.” Gordon aids his professors by finding research articles and grading assignments. He has written assignments based on peer-reviewed journal articles.

Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN—Rebecca Brewster

Nominated by Waggoner Library Faculty

Rebecca excellently executed her Master’s research project, entitled, “Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Therapy for Treatment in Tendinopathy.” She compared a critical review of the controversial treatment, consulting many recent clinical studies on the topic and skillfully assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the currently available data. Rebecca reached and effectively communicated a medically valid conclusion regarding the efficacy of the treatment, proposing critical additional studies that should be performed. Her oral presentation of the review was thorough and well presented, and she answered questions from the faculty very well, displaying her knowledge of the subject and her ability to think critically. Rebecca maintains a position of leadership in her class, serving as the representative to the Tennessee Academy of Physician Assistants. Rebecca has volunteered for many hours at the Mercy Clinic, a free, Christian volunteer-run medical clinic in Athens, Georgia. The clinic provides primary medical care while ministering to the spiritual needs of patients. Rebecca has also participated in a medical mission to Tanzania, Africa, where she provided medical care and public health guidance to those in need.

Valor Christian College, Columbus, OH—Daniel J. Cole

Nominated by Joy Ellen Jewett, MLIS, Librarian

Daniel has demonstrated significant research interests and abilities. He is an avid student of global history and especially, church history. Recently, David prepared and delivered an outstanding oral and written research project about the Seven Ecumenical councils and the Shaping of the New Testament. He also assists the Valor Christian College Librarian, providing reference assistance to students. David is learning cataloging and collection development. David has been actively involved in several outreach ministries sponsored by the “Just Cause Plus” Student Ministries at Valor Christian College. These activities include the Ohio State University Student Ministries Outreach, Ministry to inmates in an Ohio Youth Corrections Facility, and the Women’s Clinic of Columbus, Ohio.