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Ongoing Offer

Springshare is offering a 10% discount on LibGuides and modules (LibGuides CMS, E-Reserves) and 5% off most all other Springshare products. This discount is for NEW subscriptions. A member already subscribing to LibGuides cannot receive the 10% discount on their existing subscription.  However, if they wish to upgrade to LibGuides CMS, they will receive a 10% discount on the upgrade price. Likewise, if they decide to purchase a new product such as LibCal, they will receive a 5% discount on the LibCal subscription.

Members may license Springshare products using the CLC discount at any time and the price will be pro-rated to accommodate Springshare’s billing cycle.

For pricing quotes, please contact Dave Ware, Springshare Regional Sales Manager, Quoted prices are good through December 31, 2022.

Additional Discount - September 30, 2022 Deadline

If enough CLC members decide to participate, there is an opportunity for a deeper discount for new subscribers to LibGuides or LibGuides CMS OR current customers wishing to upgrade to LibGuides CMS per the table below.

5 - 15 libraries 15% off list price
16 - 30 libraries 20% off list price
30 + libraries 25% off list price

All subscribers would need to join on one simultaneous order. This deeper discount applies to any size CLC member library. This may include a mix of libraries adding LibGuides and of libraries adding or upgrading to LibGuides CMS – both will count toward the total number of libraries participating.  Springshare will invoice all new participating libraries for the same billing term.

Note: Current members with Springshare products may not simply change to the discount, but they may apply it to upgrade or add more products. Also, if a LibGuides licensee upgrades to LibGuides CMS, the discount may apply to the entire purchase, or only to the upgrade cost – whichever is most cost-effective for the library.

For pricing quotes, please contact Dave Ware, Springshare Regional Sales Manager,

Please confirm your participation for the group purchase via this Google form by September 16, after which date the participation level discount will then be determined.