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TREN is a library of over 24,629 theological thesis/dissertation titles representing research from as many as 149 different institutions. This resource is part of the OCLC WorldCat Knowledgebase and is now available in EBSCO's Discovery Services.

How can I save on TREN? 
TREN offers either a subscription model OR a purchase model. This is a full-text product with the subscription price allowing 500 downloads over 12 months. If purchasing the entire TREN Edocs library, all 17,616 titles can be added directly into an institution's online account queue or a hard drive containing the titles can be sent via postal service. A CLC discount is available on both the subscription and purchase models. Discounts are based on the number of participating libraries, which will be determined after the September 9, 2020 deadline. For 2020 pricing details, please see the ORDER FORM

"Full-text digital dissertations from TREN are available directly through our WorldCat catalog. Tyndale University College & Seminary has contributed and subscribed to TREN for many years. In 2013 we migrated our catalog to OCLC WMS. Now that we use WorldCat as our local catalog all we had to do is select TREN in the OCLC Knowledgebase. Now when our patrons search our catalog and find TREN records, a "View Now" link appears. This link goes directly to the full-text record in TREN and the PDF of the thesis can be downloaded instantly. This functionality has made our TREN resources much more accessible to our users. I love it!"

Hugh Rendle, Director of Library Services
Tyndale University College & Seminary