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RightNow Media

RightNow Media has been called the “Netflix of Bible Studies.” Through our partnership with RightNow Media, gain access to over 20,000 video Bible stories, leadership videos, and other resources on parenting, marriage, discipleship. Special pricing below includes a 40-60% discount off RightNow’s regular online pricing. A subscription provides access to all students, employees, and alumni of your institution. Special holiday offer: new subscribing schools setting up their account between 11/15/21 and 1/1/22 receive a free month!

If you have questions or need more information, contact RightNow Media through this link. They can schedule a one-on-one call to answer questions and give a brief demonstration as to how other universities are using RightNow Media and how the library might partner with other departments on campus such as campus ministries, alumni, HR, and student life in offering this campus-wide resource.

Below is the updated pricing from RightNow Media now available.

FTE Size  Monthly Annually
1-49 $50/month $550
50-99 $65/month $715
100-199 $100/month $1,100
200-500 $150/month $1,650
501-750 $225/month $2,475
751-1,000 $275/month $3,025
1,001-2,500 $350/month $3,850
2,501-3,500 $400/month $4,400
3,501-7,500 $450/month $4,950
7,501-15,000 $500/month $5,500
15,001-25,000 $900/month $9,900
25,001-40,000 $1,500/month $16,500
40,001-55,000 $2,000/month $24,000
55,000+ $3,000/month $36,000