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Business Expert Press (BEP) eBook Offer: Now – January 31, 2022 

We were born digital, and never more than today, we know librarians and faculty are looking for digital resources that provide students with ebooks for their courses. BEP has its own platform, no DRM, perpetual access, and partners like Proquest and EBSCO, it’s the easiest way to access quality electronic content. --BEP Website

CLC Member Discount - 50% off of list price through 1/31/22.

Digital Libraries

BEP offers cost-effective alternatives to high-priced textbooks written by teaching faculty to serve as course readings and reference materials, offering material not found in introductory-level textbooks or high-priced journals and databases. They have provided a valuable offer exclusively for CLC members!

Digital Libraries Title List

Perpetual Access Model – Pricing

  • 2021 Digital Library (90 titles) –   List $7,000 
  • 2020 Digital Library (110 titles) – List $6,750 
  • 2019 Digital Library (110 titles) – List $6,000
  • 2018 Digital Library (110 titles) – List $5,250
  • 2010-2017 Digital Archive (660) – List $5,550**

(**Digital Archive add-on price is $2,000 flat fee)

Subscription / EBA Access Model

Access to all BEP titles (1,000+) for one year. EBA Model allows members to keep 30 titles once their subscription period is over. 

Subscription / EBA Model – Pricing

  • 2010 – Current: Digital Library (1080 titles)  – Consortium price $3,250

For more information about this offer, contact :

Katie Fuller: