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Spirit of ACL Award

The Spirit of ACL Award may be awarded annually by the Board of Directors. This award is bestowed on an individual within their first 5 years of ACL membership who has demonstrated exceptional passion for the mission of the Association through volunteer service on a standing team, noteworthy participation in a special project, or other outstanding service to ACL. The Executive Director will solicit nominations from Team Leaders; however, any ACL member may submit a nomination. Nominations should be submitted to the Executive Director no later than April 1 for presentation at the annual conference

Elizabeth Fairall, a reference librarian at Palm Beach Atlantic University, is a recipient of the 2016 Spirit of ACL Award. Elizabeth presented the Board with an idea for a new interest group that would be an avenue for new persons to the profession and new persons to the Association to get better connected to ACL. Hence, the Emerging Library Professionals Interest Group was initiated. Since then, Elizabeth worked with the Vice President to rename the first time attendee mentors for conference to "Conference Ambassadors." She attended the initial meeting with first time attendees as well as hosted a follow up meeting later in the week to re-connect. Elizabeth demonstrates an excitement for ACL and is passionate about getting more new members connected.




Mary Tatro, Technical Services Librarian at Augustana College, is also a recipient of the 2016 Spirit of ACL Award. Mary joined the CPI team in June of 2015 as the Retrospective Indexing Coordinator.  The position had been vacant for several months and there was a backlog of retrospective indexing. She took it on, organizing the process and just recently let the team know that in addition to accepting new retrospective indexing, she had cleared the backlog as well. 






Recipients of Spirit of ACL Award

2016 - Elizabeth Fairall & Mary Tatro
2015 - Elizabeth Arjona