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Spirit of ACL Award

The Spirit of ACL Award may be awarded annually by the Board of Directors. This award is bestowed on an individual within their first 5 years of ACL membership who has demonstrated exceptional passion for the mission of the Association through volunteer service on a standing team, noteworthy participation in a special project, or other outstanding service to ACL. The Executive Director will solicit nominations from Team Leaders; however, any ACL member may submit a nomination. Nominations should be submitted to the Executive Director no later than April 1 for presentation at the annual conference

Congratulations to Kellie Barbato, the Access Services Librarian at Palm Beach Atlantic University, who received of the 2019 Spirit of ACL Award. 

Kellie has demonstrated an interest in being more involved in the activities of ACL. She was initially nominated for a Director-at-Large position on the Board but decided to not accept. Instead, she found her interest in serving as the Assistant Coordinator for the ACL Mentoring Program. She has an interest in bringing people together for collaboration, encouragement, and support.








Recipients of Spirit of ACL Award

2015 - Elizabeth Arjona
2016 - Elizabeth Fairall & Mary Tatro
2018 - Bethany Messersmith
2019 - Kellie Barbato