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Lifetime Service Award

Initiated in 2008, any member may nominate an individual for a Lifetime Service Award. A lifetime service award is given by the Board of Directors to retired members: who have been active ACL members at least ten of the previous fifteen years prior to the date of retirement, and who have made significant contributions to the Association, or whose contributions to the field of librarianship while a member has been a benefit to the Association.

Significant contributions may include, but are not limited to, regularly contributing to the Association's publications for five or more years, presenting or leading workshops or sessions at several of the Association's annual conferences, or serving in elected or appointed offices in the Association for five or more years.

This award consists of a plaque in recognition of making significant contributions to the Association of Christian Librarians or to Christian librarianship and all benefits of full membership without the payment of dues for life. 

The 2022 nomination deadline is March 15, 2022.

Lifetime Service Award  Nomination Form

Please address questions to Janelle Mazelin, Executive Director at

2021 Recipients


Bob Triplett

Bob Triplett has been a member of ACL since 1983. He retired in 2020 from Palm Beach Atlantic University. During his time as an ACL member, Bob attended 31 conferences, and in the last several years served as a workshop presenter. Bob also served the association as a member of the nominations team over two separate terms and as a Director at Large on the ACL Board from 2012-2015. In 2016, Bob was recognized for having volunteered for 5 years within the association.

Bob was also a member of the ACL Conference Planning team and served as the host for the 2012 Conference at PBA. Bob encouraged many librarians to join ACL, participated in the Information Literacy Group and wrote a Reference Point Devotional. 

One of his nominators said, “I cannot think of a more deserving person for this award. Bob lives and breathes libraries, and truly embodies what it means to be a Christian librarian. He is always ready with a quick joke or a prayer, whatever the case may be.” Another nominator said, “Bob IS Christian librarianship defined - his work was inextricably intertwined with his faith. His dedication, professionalism, commitment to growth (both personally and professionally), always friendly demeanor, and willingness to help others shined bright every day.”




Georgianne Bordner

Georgi Bordner has been a member of ACL since 1984. She retired in June 2020 from Regent University. During her years as a member, Georgi attended 32 conferences. In 2016, she was recognized for over 20 years of volunteer service to the association and in 2009 she received the Volunteer of the Year Award. 

Georgi has served in many roles within ACL including a term as Director-at-Large on the board of directors. She has been a staunch participant and leader of CILA,  creating training materials for international librarians and contributing significantly to the Librarian's Manual in all its editions. She has served in leadership within CILA as the Team Resource Develop and Team Coordinator. Georgi participated in several international trips to Malaysia, Bolivia, India, and Trinidad and has also recruited members to the organization as well. 

Georgi contributed content on a regular basis to the annual conference, presenting workshops at 10 conferences, and has also contributed frequently to TCL in the form of articles or book reviews. She also contributed to, edited, and translated content for the Librarian’s Manual and indexed for CPI during ALL of the years she was a member. 

Georgi has a heart for international librarianship, training, and advocacy. She has been a model of putting faith into practice through her values, work ethic, and passion for the job, and lifelong learning.




Michael Bain

Michael Bain has been a member of ACL since 1990. He retired from Point University in June 2021 after 40 years of service. During his time as an ACL member, Michael attended 22 conferences and served in various leadership capacities. Michael has served ACL as a member of the nominations team, financial advisory team, and board member of FACL, serving as the President of FACL prior to the joining of FACL and ACL in 2010. He has also served as a poster presenter at our annual conference, contributed a Reference Point Devotional, and has written book reviews for TCL. 

Michael has committed his life to being a Christian Librarian, serving the students and faculty at Point University for 40 years as their Director of Library Resources.  His passion to be a servant leader has been experienced by his ACL colleagues for over 30 years through his heartfelt encouragement and friendship, gentle mentoring, as well as his willingness and desire to participate in the strategic development of the Association.  

Michael also served on the European Evangelism Society Board of Directors. The European Evangelistic Society hosts The Institute for the Study of Christian Origins, originally established in Tübingen, Germany in the early 1960s. Its purpose is to encourage and promote research in the early church and to apply that research to the church today. Michael wrote their extensive Library Handbook as part of his service. 

Michael has a passion for preserving Christian Church history and balances his interests with serving as a solo librarian, teaching Bible courses on a regular basis, and managing accelerated institutional growth when his institution expanded from 367 FTE to 1,546 FTE, 18 to 75 programs, and 1 to 6 campuses over a ten-year period.

2020 Recipients


Jule Kind

Jule Kind has been a member of ACL since 1991. She retired from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2019. 

Jule was the Christian Periodical Index (CPI) team Coordinator from 1993-2016. During that period, CPI transitioned from a print index to CD-ROM to online, first on the Silver Platter platform with BCR and later with EBSCO. CPI/ACL hired its first part-time paid employee during Jule’s tenure as team coordinator. Her leadership was an integral part of the technological advancement and growth of the index.

Jule has made significant contributions to the advancement of ACL by serving on the ACL Board as a Director at Large, serving on several conference planning teams, and presenting or co-presenting at several conferences. She was recognized as the ACL Volunteer of the Year in 2006 for her work with the CPI team. 

Jule’s commitment and service to CPI contributed to the discoverability of evangelical periodical literature to the great benefit of libraries within Christian higher education. She has also been a CPI indexer since 1990. Her current role on the team is as the New Indexer Training Coordinator where she continues to serve and contribute to the future of CPI.


Steve Brown

Steve Brown has been a member of ACL since 1968 and also retired from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2019. 

Steve has made significant contributions to ACL, serving as an ACL Board member, including the role of Treasurer for over 20 years, serving on several conference planning teams, and as Circulation Manager of The Christian Librarian for many years. On the CPI Team, Steve has served in various roles including, CPI-E Assistant Editor, Associate Editor, and Team Data Conversion specialist between the years of 1995-2017. Steve has contributed to the Index since 1968 and continues to provide content still today.

Steve was awarded the Emily Russel Award in 1999, Indexer of the year in 2006, and ins 2016 was recognized as having served the Association for more than 20 years. Steve has attended 50 ACL conferences.

While there may be a few individuals who have been as committed to ACL as Steve Brown, I can’t think of anyone who has been MORE committed. As managing/associate editor of CPI, Steve spent countless hours maintaining the database. For a period of 2 years, he sent regular updates to two vendors (BCR and EBSCO). He also completed a retrospective conversion project to capture the indexing from print volumes and add it to the online product. His dedication to CPI contributed to the discoverability of evangelical periodical literature, to the great benefit of libraries of Christian higher education.


Ruth Kinnersley

Ruth Kinnersley has been a member of ACL since 2002. She retired from Trevecca Nazarene University in 2019.  

During her time as a member of the association, she attended 16 conferences and in 2016 was recognized as having served the membership in a volunteer role for five years. Ruth was an active member of the Liberal Arts Section, serving in the roles of Chair, Vice Chair, and Past chair over a six-year period. From 2012-2016, Ruth served as the Mentor Program Director, connecting new librarians to a seasoned librarian within the association.

Active throughout her time in ACL, Ruth was involved in many areas and really was one of the core ACL members who was always staying connected and connecting people along the way. Ruth was also active in many conferences, presenting either a workshop or poster session.

Thank you to the 2020 Lifetime Service Award recipients for your faithful dedication to ACL and our members.



2021 - Bob Triplet
2021 - Georgianne Bordner
2021 - Michael Bain
2020 - Jule Kind
2020 - Steve Brown
2020 - Ruth Kinnersley
2018 - Dale Solberg
2017 - Doug Butler
2017 - Lynne Funtik
2017 - Jane Hopkins
2017 - Paul Roberts
2016 - Susan Watkins
2013 - Jo Ann Rhodes
2012 - Woodvall Moore
2011 - Stanford Terhune
2011 - Don Smeeton
2009 - Ray Thrasher  

Life Membership

Previous to the Lifetime Service Award, the recipient of a Life Membership was approved by the Board of Directors and at the time of their retirement received a certificate in recognition of making significant contributions to the Association of Christian Librarians or to Christian librarianship.

Life Membership recipients: Betty Anderson, Helen Lemmon, Lois Luesing, Roger Phillips, Steven Preston, Dorsey Reynolds, and Alice Wills.