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Lifetime Service Award

Initiated in 2008, any member may nominate an individual for a Lifetime Service Award. A lifetime service award is given by the Board of Directors to retired members: who have been active ACL members at least ten of the previous fifteen years prior to the date of retirement, and who have made significant contributions to the Association, or whose contributions to the field of librarianship while a member have been a benefit to the Association.

Significant contributions may include, but are not limited to, regularly contributing to the Association's publications for five or more years, presenting or leading workshops or sessions at several of the Association's annual conferences, or serving in elected or appointed offices in the Association for five or more years.

This award consists of a plaque in recognition of making significant contributions to the Association of Christian Librarians or to Christian librarianship and all benefits of full membership without the payment of dues for life.

Submit the nomination form to Janelle Mazelin, Executive Director at or (937)766-5499 (fax). 2018 nomination deadline is March 15, 2018.

2017 Recipients


Doug Butler

Doug has been a member of ACL since 1979. He retired from Asbury University as Head of Technical Services in June 2017.

Doug served on the Board of Directors from 1985-1992 (an elected 2-year appointment and the remainder as ex officio) and as host librarian for the 2003 Conference at Asbury. But his most significant contribution has been as an editor of the Christian Periodical Index for over thirty years. Doug embodies what it means to achieve something for a lifetime because he has literally been associated with ACL and CPI since childhood because his mother, Ruth, who was an early member of ACL, also served as the first editor of CPI. But beyond sheer longevity, his quiet demeanor and large heart for serving wherever he sees a need without fanfare is notable.

Doug formally joined the CPI Team as the Book Review Editor in the early 1980s and became Editor in 1985. His one break from the team was for service in Bolivia during the 1989-1990 academic year. In 2011, Doug transitioned to Articles Editor as part of the Team’s succession planning. But throughout his tenure, his commitment and loyalty have provided the stability that is necessary when publishing each year two print volumes or 4 updates to the online database. The number of hours he has devoted to the Index is incalculable.


Lynne Funtik

Lynne has been a member of ACL for 28 years. She retired from Cedarville University as the Information Services Librarian in June 2017.

Lynne has served in many roles over the 28 years of membership in ACL. At her home institution, Cedarville University, she is known for her excellence in serving students through reference instruction. In ACL, she has served on the nominations teams and has been involved in various planning aspects of several conferences. In 2013, Lynne, along with the ACL leadership, began exploring ways to fulfill the ACL missional directive to spiritually encourage our membership. Lynn was instrumental in developing the spiritual encouragement initiative within ACL. It was her vision that lead to the creation of the monthly member-written devotions. Lynne also has a gift for hospitality. Her legendary care of the ACL Board as they meet in Cedarville each October has been a great blessing to all who have benefited from her ministry. 



Jane Hopkins

Jane has been a member of ACL since 1986. She retired from Greenville University in June 2016 where she served as the Library Director.

Jane’s service in the Association started with two terms on the ACL Board of Directors. She took over the leadership of Conference Planning in 2000 and served as Conference Coordinator for 10 years. Jane served the Association and its members faithfully by planning quality conferences where members were engaged, challenged, and encouraged. Jane’s dedication to seeing the Association grow has led her to serve on the Strategic Planning team in the early 2000’s. Her gentle spirit and servant’s heart was evident in the many roles she served within ACL.





Paul Roberts

Paul has been a member of ACL since 1997. He retired from Southeastern Bible College in 2017, where he served as Library Director.

Paul has spent many tireless hours supporting the members of ACL, especially in the area of solo librarianship. He has mentored and invested both formally and informally in the lives of many. Paul has a servant’s heart and a humble manner. His dedication to the Association is evident in his work on the ACL Board. Paul’s representation of small institutions has provided experience and knowledge through his facilitation of the Solo Librarian Interest Group, work within the Bible College Section and contribution to The Christian Librarian. Even with the demands of his position at Southeastern Bible College, he has always made himself available to advise, counsel, and to encourage his constituents. He has encouraged and propelled many members to serve as volunteers in ACL. Paul has served two terms on the Board of Directors as Director-at-large and has served as the Bible College Section coordinator. Because of his outstanding contribution and influence to so many lives, he has been awarded this honor.



2017 - Doug Butler, Lynne Funtik, Jane Hopkins, Paul Roberts
2016 - Susan Watkins
2013 - Jo Ann Rhodes
2012 - Woodvall Moore
2011 - Stanford Terhune
2011 - Don Smeeton
2009 - Ray Thrasher  

Life Membership

Previous to the Lifetime Service Award, the recipient of a Life Membership was approved by the Board of Directors and at the time of their retirement received a certificate in recognition of making significant contributions to the Association of Christian Librarians or to Christian librarianship.

Life Membership recipients: Betty Anderson, Fayetta Davis, Bea Flinner, Patricia Griffin, Helen Lemmon, Lois Luesing, Roger Phillips, Steven Preston, Dorsey Reynolds, and Alice Willis.