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Barbara K. Nelson Christian Periodical Indexer of the Year Award

Barbara K. Nelson Christian Periodical Indexer of the Year award shall be recommended (when appropriate) and awarded by the CPI Team with the approval of the Board of Directors. This award is presented at the ACL annual conference President's Banquet to a deserving volunteer.

The 2019 Barbara K. Nelson Indexer of the Year Award was awarded to Eve Grant.

Eve began indexing over seven years ago while working with the large cadre of Indiana Wesleyan indexers. She began as most indexers do -- with one title. However, the list quickly grew to over 10. She now works at a public library yet continues to index 12 titles, ranging in scope from leadership, creationism, apologetics, to church music. Her ongoing commitment to indexing this wide assortment of titles is commendable.



Recipients of the Indexer of the Year Award

2019 - Eve Grant
2018 - Georgianne Bordner
2017 - Robert Burgess
2016 - Joan Spanne
2015 - Craig Kubic
2014 - Sheila Carlblom
2013 - Hugh Rendle
2011 - Lynn Brock
2009 - Michael Van Huisen
2008 - Stanford Terhune
2007 - Flor Oamil
2006 - Ruth Butler, Barbara Nelson, Douglas Butler, Steve Brown
2005 - Clyde Root
2004 - Murl Winters